Reflective jacket keep you visible at day and night

This is a jacket with reflective material that should appeal to both fans of daytime discretion as fans of the high nighttime visibility. The MACNA Concrete Night Eye will make date in the motorcycle and scooter equipment.

Jacket motorcycle and scooter reflective MACNA Concrete Night Eye This is not because the idea of imposing biker’s retro reflective elements (day ...) is - fortunately - suspended the ability to make themselves more visible when conditions warrant is totally crazy. Dutch brand, MACNA recently presented the Night Eye technology. Placed on a tool and it can be more visible when it is in the headlights of another vehicle and totally unobtrusive the rest of the time. We tested the Concrete jacket equipped with this high only night vision technology.

Jacket motorcycle and scooter reflective MACNA Concrete Night Eye If the Night Eye looked promising at the Cologne Fair, the MACNA stand, we especially wanted to know what it looked in real conditions. Indeed, in the studio, the jacket goes from gray to bright white when it is taken in the flash.

During our first night travel with this reflective jacket, people seemed a little surprised, even in urban areas, strangely fixing the Concrete once stopped the fire. Under the streetlights in the city, the jacket is not noticed much as the surrounding brightness is ultimately quite important. But when we find ourselves in a less lighted area (which is always the case on the road), the MACNA jacket equipped with Night Eye seems to be lit from within. From the front, it will obviously never more visible than the beacon of motorcycle or scooter, but as soon as one is monitoring or lit from the side, the visibility offered is unrivaled even at long distances.

To find out what effect the Night Eye technology, so we made a few pictures from a distance of 50 meters and set a Go Pro HD Hero2 camera on the hood of a car. The result would happen almost comment.

It is clear that the jacket already reflects light when the car is simply code. As soon as it goes into high beams, the MACNA Concrete Night Eye becomes highly visible. And while the distance is greater than 100 meters and the position imposed on a sport bike offers less reflective surface.

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