Whether in daily life or in the workplace, being comfortable in your clothing is a basic requirement. And in the chilly autumn or winter, if you want to wear something that is comfortable and lightweight, but also warm and fashionable, then wool coat must be on the list! Here are five reasons to own the wool coat.

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1. Great performance of natural wool.

Although wool is basically not stretchable or malleable, it is highly elastic and resilient. And it has a special hair scale structure and excellent flexibility. Therefore, the fashion clothing made of wool fabric is fluffy, breathable, not stuffy, and you can act naturally when your wearing one. High-quality wool coat can help you emanate confidence and fashion effortlessly!

2. Good colorability, multiple colors can be selected.

The color of the raw material of wool is mainly white. However, fabrics woven from white wool can be dyed in various colors according to fashion trends in the clothing market. Wool clothing wholesalers in some areas sell business men's clothing, and customers tend to be black or gray; but some woolen coat wholesalers selling young women are keen on all kinds of bright colored fashionable wool clothes. Therefore, wool fabrics with good colorability can be dyed into various colors required according to fashion trends or custom requirements. This is one of the reasons why designers and consumers love wool clothing.

3. Comfortable wearing feeling.

Natural wool has a naturally curved shape, covered with scales and has a smooth surface, so wool fabrics not only have good color and luster, but also have a good handfeel. Clothes made of wool are also soft, light and textured. These advantages not only make woolen coats or other woolen clothing comfortable to wear, but also a versatile chic matching item, so they are more popular among fashionistas.

4. Environmental friendly.

Wool fabric is made of natural wool, which is all natural, not chemically synthesized, and has no harm to the human body; it is an organic component, easy to decompose, and friendly to the earth and the environment. Wool clothes made from wool fabrics are also very durable and fully in line with the concept of sustainability. People always say that fashion is a cycle, a classic wool coat popular at that time can still be trendy in the moment, and it'll go with whatever you like easily. Minimalist style, vintage style, or street style, as you choice.

In a word, wool is a very good natural fiber. Clothes made of wool are natural fiber products, but they still retain the characteristics of natural wool: warmth, smoothness, softness, colorful and changeable styles. As a fashion lover, do you like wool clothing as a match item? What is your favorite style? Which of your wool garments is your favourite? Looking forward to sharing and discussing with you!

Xiaomei Zhou---Emay

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