Who said men fail to add wonders to their outfits at wedding events? Gone are the days when men used to stick to their formal shirt pants or traditional kurta pajamas. Like women, men now have many options to pick from their closets. They can now enhance their look with a swanky Party Wear Waistcoat Online India like Nehru jacket that can immediately intensify their outfits, making them look fashionable for a special event.

Whether you pair a Nehru jacket with western wear or a club it up with traditional wear, it complements every look flawlessly, making men look charming. However, if you are unsure how it would look, we have some quick options to style up in a Nehru jacket for wedding parties.

1. With a Kurta and Pajama

AVvXsEgvra-wgGcn3kgeXdqHRWr_7uLucM1lNPFLD1IsXTpxTgQOaT8yHEMn0ASmqXravrDpyPQ9lrua8DHRM5axqFvW9CZgzCZabr4H8wqYpN_cqqEKsXPV27Ef5i_QrgiK62WZSDVK_HViibR0ptC4b2xLjRvweIdz9vveY4KUYnQaM3Ahk4-29X-cU46WRQ=w640-h536Replace the conventional short-length Nehru jacket with a long check nehru jacket to style up in kurta and pajama. We are sure you would look dashing for wedding functions.

2. With a Pathani Suit

AVvXsEhmMokDwMsOZOrpz_stXq-qsRH8xXvr9qMgq94Q-TY6D6ifq3m5JcouD90KeRkCJ6MfMNhpKhOmXfu67VcIiJcIjpbFSWh3XRwGKnGe-tbie6APiNSa5tPfxOyRDTAMuUW6LuypT6falAZBQC9rUwmf7IEnYRs4UF6l2iMYf_NJvqhDCAkjena5zXZFZg=w640-h536It’s an ideal outfit for a wedding event. Pathani suit has a charming look that shows the sophisticated side in men. A bandhgala, embossed Nehru jacket will look charismatic to add elegance to your attire.

3. With Formal Trousers

AVvXsEjI_JI5NsY2c8fWiSImzzy62TFcPzn0GCOU_uzUoK0wG00bcJJRnJUpJWnt_9KbyrQukie8t8JUIP34KMjN6-C0yYHsY2M5CpfBgh_jH-OtY9UtviPs_5dkfHMn0MN0XX_gW20IScY0P6V84Vh3mvJuvpAPIPbxDNIbylNtbX6lqOfouow888YbPbcYDQ=w640-h536We suggest this look for your wedding reception. Club a formal shirt and a pair of trousers with a full-sleeved party wear waistcoat. Choose either a black Check Nehru Jacket Online or intricate brocade work.

Hopefully, these tips will help you style your Nehru jacket fashionably. Feel free to share your most favorite look. 

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