Public Celebrity Biography: 10 Most Popular Websites

We are all interested in popular celebrities personal biography. Biographies give us an opportunity to know the factual look in the lives of notable people. Reading up on biographies can be about general knowledge, about research, or simply about inspiration. Because every life has a story. Public Celebrity captures the most gripping, surprising and enthralling stories about people. The decision that changed everything. The biggest break. The defining opportunity. The most shattering failure. A Google search and Wikipedia is usually our top two stations when it comes to searching for information on famous people. But if you are doing some in-depth digging (for fun or research) for biographies of the famous celebrities,  it pays to have a few more resources. With biographies and daily features that highlight newsworthy, compelling and surprising points-of-view, we listed some digital sources for true stories about people that matter. Here are the top most popular ten websites to visit if you are interested in the biographies of the who’s who.


This is the most enjoyment and multimedia-rich site out there when it comes to reading up on what famous people have done with their lives. The site is the online vehicle of the Biography channel. Just like the channel, the site is also a mix of biographical information and fictional content. The site is a bit of celebrity heavy. And the most fun part of the website is the games and the quizzes. The lineup includes some titles like Celebrity Dead or Not, Where Are They Now, and Design Your Depp among others.

Public Celebrity

Check out the latest celebrity news, biography, net worth, before fame, facts, relationship, stay in-the-know about all celebrity topics, explore trending news and life stories of your favourite famous figures with our extensive collection of biographies at "Public Celebrity". Learn the life stories of your favourite famous figures with our extensive collection of biographies.

#1 Official Celebrities Information Source, Everything You Need To Know About Superstars, successful leaders, Business and entrepreneurs to Famous People. Browse celebrities lists with Wiki, Biography, Quotes, Contact, rare photos, Net Worth, Family and Top Trending News. From their 'About' section. Visit the top celebrity site for the purpose you need.


SuperbHub is a one-stop place for all the latest celebrity news, showbiz stories, entertainment articles, biography, health and beauty article and tips with photos and video. The 'Biography'  section is the most visited page on their website. Biographies of all kinds of celebrities are listed here. Not a single subject is missing, I can say.

The Celebrity Bio

"The Celebrity Bio" is one of the best biography websites for recent most well-known public celebrity. Check out the latest celebrity news, biography, net worth, before fame, facts, relationship, stay in-the-know about celebrity topics and explore trending news on Biography.

Wiki Bio

Wiki Bio website aims to provide authentic information about trending celebrities and famous personalities all around the world. They gather their information directly from the entertainment industry. All the celebrity from the film industry, politics, TV shows, sports celebrities is listed in "Wiki Bio".

Celebrity Inside

"Celebrity Inside" is one of the best sources for complete details information about all of your favourite beloved celebrities favourite things, family tree, body measurements and for all other things you desire to know. They're dedicated to providing the most authentic info, with a focus on quality, accuracy, efficiency and totally plagiarism free content.

News Resolution

"News Resolution"-Biography Website of Celebrity Person. It's one of the largest online portals in India for searching celebrity and famous stars biography, their interest, lifestyle profession and many other factors related to him or her. For this, they try to give people the best and specific information that they want.

Bio Graphics

"Bio Graphics" is a Youtube channel and website dedicated to providing thoughtful and interesting biographies of the celebrity people. Known as Celebrity Archive. "Bio Graphics" knows the value of having sources you can trust. Editors update regularly and refine this enormous body of information to bring you reliable information. They give celebrity biography along with their rare pictures.

Just like some of the reference and research tools, biography websites are an important educational tool also. Here mentioned all websites are well rich & informative for whatever your purpose is. So, if you're a researcher or just wants to entertain yourself then visit these websites. I assure they'll meet your expectation. Happy reading!

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