Press and die casting machine

In reality, as we all know, we Italians are highly capable of complicated our lives. Our competence in emergency management is above average, but when we have to prevent, we still have numerous limitations We are all in a state of shock, disbelief, apprehension, and rage as of August 2018.


It is exactly because of the assumption I put up that our nation needs to pay a very high price in human life. The failure to take responsibility for events that have been thought to have minimal influence on humanity is the result of carelessness, superficiality, ignorance, and an underestimating of the magnitude of the problem. The well-being of individuals is ensured. Historically, we know to search for scapegoats and deliver the guilty over to those who seek justice in these situations. It's possible that a little detail was overlooked.


Who or what is actually to blame for the recent spate of horrific and upsetting events? In addition to our individual responsibilities, we must all honestly examine our consciences to see where our apathy, opportunism, and other forms of dishonesty are leading us. In addition to the rage and uncertainty brought to me by these occurrences, I want to concentrate on my obligations and my daily chores, and remain in touch with my world and my everyday reality: the foundry.


I want to correctly grasp that if this approximate, opportunistic, sometimes dishonest and less serious attitude may remain away from the world, so as to avoid placing people who attempt to battle their inefficiency and production issues every day into major difficulties. It is this attitude that paralyzes our economy and our firm, drives our production costs to the stars, compels the Italian government to take more and more money out of the purses of entrepreneurs, diminishes the investment gains and reduces the profitability of many companies. And daring self-employed.


From this vantage point, it is critical and crucial to prioritize each company's efficiency, eliminate waste, optimize production costs, make precise investments, and optimize its production cycle through surgery. As a result, it's time to create two extremely simple accounts. What is the true cost of creating a component, an item or an accessory in your die casting factory? What are the primary criteria that normally determine the manufacturing cost? To begin, let's examine the variables that affect the computations we'll attempt to conceive together in the next moments.


raw material

We are talking about the commencement of the manufacturing cycle. The price of raw materials rose at the start of the year (about 15 percent compared with the previous month). It increased more for the remainder of the year, devaluing by 30 percent in July. Will we face another cyclical speculation in commodities in the stock market? It's critical to keep waste and inefficiency under control if you don't want to hurt your company's finances.


electric energy

I will only discuss electricity since I do not believe that other sources of energy can be used to melt the raw materials and regulate your process in 2018 if you want high-quality printing and heat maintenance. To be honest, I don't think we're in the best of places when it comes to this. Although the average power price in the European Union (EU) declined between the second half of 2015 and the second half of 2016, electricity and natural gas prices have climbed by almost a quarter (+ 23 percent and + 26 percent respectively) since 2008.



On average, taxes and contributions accounted for more than one-third (36 percent ) of the electricity costs paid to consumers in the second half of 2016 and approximately one-quarter (26 percent ) of the price of natural gas. As you can see, there is no need to be cheerful! Owners of foundries face high energy costs. We can no longer ignore the need of lowering our energy use. Maximizing the management of manufacturing waste has so become strategically important.


Press and die casting machine

I’m talking about the depreciation cost of your foundry, the output capacity of your factory, their cycle time, their general usage and maintenance expenses. Basically, various characteristics will effect your item cost. The fair concept is that if you purchase the incorrect printer (not only is it too tiny compared to what you need, but also if you use a printer that is too huge), your foundry will run at a very high cost, which may risk your earnings.. Plastic component are mostly produced using the die casting process.


Are you still utilizing old style consumption equipment such as jet planes, or have you begun to transform your foundry into a new generation of machines with low energy consumption and low environmental impact? How much does it cost to maintain ancient devices that regularly fail? What is the productivity of your machine? If the productivity is not great, what does it rely on (the machine is too old or too big…)?



I’m talking about ethylene glycol, releasing agent, components that are generally worn in the machine (rings, pistons, siphons, extensions, washers, etc). (rings, pistons, siphons, extensions, washers, etc.). Lack of attention in choosing and maintaining these materials and / or accessories may be the underlying cause of difficulties, nonconformities, system failures, productivity collapse, etc What are your foundry's solutions to this issue? Dead time how long does your plant remain throughout the day on average? How many times a day do you replace the mold? In this mold replacement, how many molds are new on average and need to be changed before final production? What is the true efficiency of your foundry?



Did you realize that, coupled with the depreciation cost of your plant, it is the main cost center of your foundry? What should your foundry operator do? A forklift can be required to transfer the items generated by the machine or to dismantle and reassemble molds. They might also need to tweak the system and keep an eye on production quality. Basically, how many operators does your foundry require to attain the best efficiency in the technique you presently have available?


As you can see, this issue is highly complicated. OEM manufacturing costs might spiral out of control if you don't pay attention to these details. Right now, there is a void, a genuine issue, and a genuine need for your firm to get there and contribute as quickly as possible. I mean my first speech. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to combat this rotten mindset that has harmed our economy and our firm, driven up our production costs, lowered our investment profit margin, and driven down our profits to historic lows.


It is necessary in this environment to have well-trained professionals who can add value to entrepreneurs struggling daily with the burden of inefficiency, costs (which can sometimes spiral out of control), bureaucracy, and national inefficiency, and work alongside them to provide them with incorrect and targeted advice to solve their problems. I'm referring to the typical suspects that provide band-aid fixes that are light years away from solving the root causes of their clients' issues.


Some individuals in the foundry have reached the retirement barrier and desire to boost the family income by skipping retirement and enjoying well earned relaxation. Maybe they can offer your operator some advise to speed up the assembly of the mold, or help them beat the machine they don’t want to start, or they can give you some advice to speed up the replacement of segments, but that’s all. They won't look into your foundry's production inefficiencies to assist you in clearing out the vault of the corporation.


A more theoretical approach than an investigation of your foundry's technical flaws may generally provide some theoretical principles of the process. It's also because he spends a great deal of time at work and stays away from where the most of your merger's issues are. Many of you, even if you're only training, aren't aware of the issues I've brought up. He won't show up at your organization until he has to collect orders for training courses. It also enters the foundry for the purpose of analyzing the inefficiency of your procedure, as previously said. You should also pay attention to individuals who claim to be specialists in all fields.


Machine or its accessories?

Because of the inefficiency of your foundry, does it encourage you to replace or replace them more frequently? Downtime? Maybe his solution will just help him earn money at the price of your productivity?

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