Police wear reflective vest on duty

She 'came out running from a clothing store with several hand stolen jackets. And 'success Tuesday, around 18.30, in via Independence: it was a policeman in safety vest, out of service and about with the family, to notice the scene and chase the thief. The latter - a Tunisian 42-year old - was stopped: he was arrested for improper robbery, as a result of the engine employed violence against a security guard who was leaving the room. The stolen goods amounted to approximately EUR 200, was returned to its rightful owner.

Ul second arrest, again Tuesday, it was executed at 23.40, when a police patrol in safety clothing Mobile Radio Unit, engaged in a monitoring service via Emilia, he noticed two young men who were forcing, with the help of a screwdriver, lock on the door of a computer store located at number 247. At the sight of the military, the two robbers abandoned the burglary tool and fled. One of the two young men managed to get away, while the 27 year old has been reached and arrested for attempted aggravated theft in competition.

Yesterday morning, the arrests have been validated and before judgment, arrears for both following the request of a forward defense by their respective legal terms, the 42 year-old was taken to prison with wearing reflective vest, while the 27 year old has been put back in freedom, with the extent of the obligation of residence in the Municipality of Bologna.

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