On this day introduced the service in the police headquarters Essen before his patrol work with new protective clothing by reflective material.

Your responsibilities are in particular the fight against road accidents in the urban areas of Essen. For certain areas of responsibility, the use of police motorcycles offers, as the maneuverability, it is flexibility and small footprint offer significant advantages over the patrol car.

As of now the motorcyclists of the police with the new motorcycle clothing will be on display on the streets of Essen. The motorcycle, matching the police uniforms in NRW, was converted by the color green to blue.

To protect the security of civil servants will be improved, the new motorcycle suits, compared to the old version, on the entire shoulder area, neon yellow color have.

The recognition is enhanced by the bright yellow color and wider, silver colored reflective tape.

Thus the police uniform is visible even from a distance and thus the visibility is further increased, the previous white has been replaced by a neon yellow helmet.

The new uniforms are waterproof, while the green station wagon was only water resistant.

When traffic service 12 Police provided their service. In addition, another 32 motorcyclists in the four police stations, eight per inspection, equipped with the new motorcycle protective clothing.

The police headquarters Essen reminded that basically all motorcyclists in traffic seen worse than drivers. It is therefore essential for every motorcycle friend to contribute to own safety and that of all other road users. In addition to a roadworthy bicycle and one's own behavior, is an essential aspect for safe power cycling, wearing safe and sufficiently protective reflective vest.

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