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That's so New YorkAlthough street-style photography is somewhat of a increasing interest of mine (meaning that I haven't yet managed to force myself out of the house to snap some images for myself, and instead spend my days flicking through a series of street-style blogs, day dreaming that one day I could be half the photographer the majority of these guys/girls are) I've already began picking out my favorites in regards to blogs which I would happily flick back to on a daily if not minutely basis. The one blog that has caused me the most disruption throughout my day-to-day routine is I'M KOO by New York-based street-style photographer, YoungJun Koo. Do not be fooled by the utterance of the word disruption, as I am being nothing but positive, as I'M KOO is slowly making its way over to the borderline obsession list at a rapid pace; meaning that this is certainly a blog and popular bookmark which at this present in moment I will happily admit that I could perhaps not live without (okay, so perhaps I could live without it, but I would really prefer not to and am somewhat persistent in warning you that once you've hit the homepage, you're hooked!)

Okay, so now you know about obsession with street-style, yet not to worry as that was not the only mildly important point I wanted to bring up during this post; another being the delightful FAQ/interview which YoungJun agreed to and rather rapidly responded too just days ago. That's right, I grabbed you all an insight into the mind of YoungJun Koo of I'M KOO!

(Note: It would be greatly appreciated if you could hold all signs of thankfulness and any applause until the end. Yes, that does mean that you're required to read through the questions and answers which you will find chillin' below.)


(Image Credit: Street-style photographer YoungJun Koo of street-style blog, I'M KOO.)

What would you consider to be the aesthetic behind your work; meaning, what is your 'signature' as such?
I’ve really only began taking snap shots recently, and will admit that my signature is something that I'm yet to discover. I believe that I’m not as competitive as other photographers and that ultimately becomes my advantage when taking photographs on the streets. It’s easy to differentiate the photographs by the photographer behind the blog, but on my blog I make it clear to identify the person I shot by the person’s face and for each person, I try to shoot them in a different light based on their personality and style. I believe that it is best to focus in on the individual and that way I can play with the shot concepts. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a “signature” way to shoot people, but I would have to say that it is important to put care and attention into the way each look and person is being represented in each image.

What were you doing before you launched your professional career in the photographic industry?
First, I worked for my Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degree in Korea, followed by a handful of different experiences in merchandising, modeling and styling. I relocated to New York for additional study and was a photographer’s assistant for a short period of time, which consequently sparked my ... (CONTINUE READING)

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