Pedestrians and cyclists: In the dark light clothes duty

Reflectors ensure safety - Warning reflective vest and special protective collars for children.

To see and be seen, in the dark season the motto of the traffic people is. "Just cyclists and pedestrians gently dusk in the early morning and evening hours, so they should wear as light as possible, preferably with reflective materials, in order to be perceived by drivers at an early stage," says Hans-Ulrich Sander, TÜV body technician Rhineland, and adds: "Good services are provided by safety vests, which are available in every TÜV Rhineland test center." Here, parents also receive special reflective protective collars for their children. The trade also offers reflectors in various forms as patches or badges. Shoes with reflective strips also provide greater safety.

Shoulder sight when turning

Motorists should pay particular attention to cyclists and pedestrians before turning in the dark. Carefully observe the side strips or the pavement. "It is important to take a look at the shoulder to ensure that there are no people in the blind spot," says Sander. Pedestrians can also draw attention to themselves with a flashlight. In doing so, direct the light cone to the ground and in no way blind the driver.

Reflectors on the bike required

Cyclists should ensure that the lighting system of the bicycle is legally and intact. "It is true that a conventional dynamo system is permissible, but a more constant light - especially in the stand," says TÜV Rhineland specialist Sander. In addition, the required front reflectors (white), rear (red) as well as the pedals and between the spokes (yellow) must be attached to the bicycle. In addition, protective helmets with reflective elements perform well.

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