Polki Diamond sets are the most common theme on Instagram and in wedding albums right now. We appreciate how perplexing jewellery shopping can be when you have only a smattering of expertise and no prior experience purchasing jewellery. Here's a step-by-step guide to finding the ideal Polki Diamond collection, from the right price to expert distinctions as compared to standard Kundan jewellery.

9543952261?profile=originalThe intricate Polki Diamond collection and other pieces of jewellery have the amazing ability to transform you into a royal princess, making you look no less than a Maharani on your wedding day. The three most popular styles of Polki Diamond jewellery are Kilwas Polki, syndicate Polki, and Zimbabwe Polki. Either of the three types of Polki collection is perfect for any bride, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride who appreciates retro old-world charm.


Hyderabadi Polki and free Polki are two distinct models that you can pick up if you're hunting for viral trends:


Hyderabadi Polki: - The silver version of the regal jadau jewellery pieces is the Hyderabadi Polki collection. Unlike gold jewellery, the Hyderabadi Polki is much less expensive and has its own exclusive style.


Open Polki: - Without enamel back lining, an open Polki package uses diamonds or precious stones. The gold frame is shaped in such a way that it holds the diamonds while allowing light to move through, adding to the Polki set's antique charm. In the photo above, note the effect of the longer necklace.


Rubies and green stones are the newest additions to bridal Polki jewellery, in addition to the set and stone variations mentioned above. On Instagram, you may see a number of celebrities wearing Polki set designs. Apart from these origins, Hazoorilal legacy, Tanishq, Kalyan jewellers are the top jewellery’s in India when it comes to Polki.

3 Polki Essentials

Maang Tikka: - In a Polki collection, a statement Maang Tikka is a beautifully regal piece of jewellery to elevate the wonderful wedding look. A heavy Polki uncut maang tika never goes out of style, whether it's a simple sleek one or a massive forehead-covering one. A general maang tika in 22-carat gold costs between 50,000 and a lakh and half rupees. The artificial versions are also available.


Polki Set: - The incredible Choker collection and the majestic jadau set are now competing for the title of the supreme Polki set that is making the rounds on celebrity Instagram feeds, wedding photo galleries, and anything related to bridal wear. The prices of the sets range from two lakh to three crores.


If you want to keep your wedding look minimal but also add a regal touch, go for the luxurious Polki sets and chokers in diamonds, rubies, or even pearls. If you choose versatility, a single or double line diamond studded Polki package is a great option for a high-end reception or engagement look.


Polki Bracelet/ Kada: - The large Polki bracelet is sometimes used interchangeably with the Kadas. The Polki bracelet, which is most commonly used in regal Meenakari work, gives your entire regal looking bridal ensemble a Rajputi feel. Don't skip the Polki bracelet if you want to feel like a Rajput queen.

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