Most Popular Fragrances for Winter 2019


As winter is approaching, we all have said goodbye to our air conditioners and warm clothes. It’s getting chillier, which is a sign that you can start wearing your winter fragrances. Though you love wearing them throughout the year, each season brings out a new collection you can simply admire. You will witness that the combination of light and sunny tones, including jasmine, bergamot and neroli, still exists. Still, the range of black vanilla, toffee, cocoa, and cinnamon has joined the intense combination with a cardboard box logo. All the fragrances will take your breath away, and you will be tempted to buy it when they arrive packed in beautiful perfume boxes. If you are an owner of the apparel industry, you have to make sure to be in touch with the latest trends so customers can add a lot of collection in their already existing perfume list.

Perfume Boxes portray the Real Fragrance

A perfume that is presented in a way that its aroma is spilling out in the air, and you can smell and feel it deep within will get your attention. The perfume boxes can protect the fragrance inside and apart from that; they will make the product look exciting too. The thing about perfumes is that you have to preserve their aroma, and if it’s lost, there is no harm in using it. The business owners have to make sure that the packaging boxes wholesale are made with top quality which can provide the maximum protection and preservation of the aroma.


Many perfume manufacturers are considering flawless printing on their boxes, and some even prefer recyclable material which is environment-friendly as well. The good thing is that the boxes have different shapes, sizes and colors which can go well with any kind of product type. The designers are coming up with unique designs that contain many modern finishing tools and touches like lamination and foils without exceeding unnecessary expenditures.

Never settle for less and get the Best out there

Most of the customers shop for perfumes in the market, hoping to get the best out of the lot. They won’t settle for anything less. Everyone must be familiar with the classic collection ranging from orange blossom and jasmine as the signature smell. If it’s packed with a fantastic customized packaging, you sure can’t stay away. If you are not fond of this combination, then lookout for a signature winter scent which includes floral and spice notes with ingredients like mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, and oakmoss and so on.

9MvUJRK.png?profile=RESIZE_710xThe perfumes which are made up of natural and herbal ingredients are the most preferred choice for everyone as you won’t have any fear of getting an allergic reaction as well. Many customers will look for a feline scent while it’s a little bolder with a touch of gardenia. Chilly and desert night’s scent is in for this winter which comes in elegant perfume packaging boxes. The Papua New Guinean vanilla is for those who want a more intense and vibrant fragrance.

Gift amazing Perfumes to your Loved Ones

A delicate floral scent with a touch of citrus and spice gives a Mediterranean feel while the use of pink, pepper and pomegranate fragrance is also in vogue. The combination is iconic and seductive at the same time. If you are planning to make your wife happy, then give her a fantastic gift so the scent can make her heart melt away with love. For a genuinely international woman, this kind of fragrance has a combination of great ingredients taken from all around the globe. The fancy boxes and favor boxes are also being used if you want to gift amazing perfumes on a birthday, wedding or a graduation party.


If you are a fan of lavender and cinnamon tinged scent, then there are many options available in the market. Is it all about smelling spicy this winter, isn’t it? Some fragrance notes which are citrusy and rosy will settle down in your skin quite naturally. The woodsy and amber scent will give a fresh and lighter feel. Men mostly prefer the Cardamom, sandalwood, and orange flower as they have a luxurious feeling. The oriental perfume which comes packed in white boxes wholesale will compliment with floral and fruit notes. So don’t hesitate to select the one of your choice this winter!

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