More Than Just a Guest


Everyone knows that a wedding is the bride’s special day. As a wedding guest, why can’t it be your special day as well? You do not want to outshine the bride but you should still look your best. After all, this could be the time and place where you meet your future husband. So what is important when shopping for a plus size wedding guest dress? Depending on the formality of the event, there will be some guidelines for what you should wear.


When is the wedding? Is it held during the day or in the evening? This will help you determine what colour you should wear and how formal the event is. A lot of weddings fall in spring and summer so you could choose a bright colour pallet and still be considered formal. There are some patterns that are acceptable for weddings, but typically solids are better. If you are in doubt about colour and/or pattern, black is a safe colour for all occasions and seasons. You can always use a pop of colour in your shoes, jewellery or make up.


Again, depending on the time of day the wedding is held, it will help you to determine the appropriate dress length. Typically, if the wedding is held during the day, meaning before 7 pm, you can wear a shorter dress. And by shorter, it means that the hem of your dress should fall at most right above the knee. For curvy girls, right below the knee is often the most flattering.


When it comes to shoes, choose something that has a pointy toe or if your heel is open-toe then something with thin straps across your foot. This will elongate your legs and leave you looking taller and thinner.


After you have your dress sorted, you can focus on your hair and make up for the evening. For your hair, there are plenty of simple and easy dos. If you prefer to put your hair up, try a simple twist or bun. If you want to wear your hair down, loose curls down your back are simple, yet chic. When doing your make up, keep it simple. Less is more. High light your features, wear a bit of bronzer and blush. When it comes to your eyes and lips, choose one. You should go for either a smoky eye or bold lip.


For jewellery, if you are wearing a dress with a busy print, choose something that is simple but tasteful. Small studded earrings and a slim bracelet will look elegant. If you are wearing a solid dress, you can choose a chunky necklace, large earrings or cocktail rings.


A wedding is a magical event. You should feel confident and fabulous. You will want to put your best foot forward when accepting that dance from that handsome groomsman. Just be sure not to steal the bride’s thunder.

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