More than 130 jin girl's daily wear

Whether you like to be before the summer arrival of show figure, lose weight for the sake of beauty. It's just not that easy to lose weight, at least for women who exercise, because the scale doesn't show enough change to keep it off.

As a result, summer has come, can achieve their goal of reducing weight girls, only a minority. If you don't succeed in losing weight, you don't need to feel depressed, because we can complete your desire to become thinner through wearing.


A dress that is slim but does not fit

This model weight exceeded 130 jins, the superfluous fat on the figure did not affect modelling however beautiful, look delicate instead do not break goddess fan again, demonstrated for everyone truly what is fat thin and fashionable have nothing to do with!

And through her everyday outfits, we can learn a lot of inspiration. First of all, let's take A look at her dress matching, have to say that the small fat girl is really suitable for wearing A dress, the choice of slim but not close-fitting A-word dress, not only hide meat but also show thin, looks very eye-pleasing.

It needs to be emphasized that the fat girl who dares to wear will win! What you think fat girls should do during the summer is to minimize their excess body fat as much as possible. Actually clever dew skin, ability can reduce for modelling negative, wear a thin beautiful look thereby.

To make yourself look pretty and charming, it is recommended that you choose a piece with a large neckline that can shorten the width of the shoulders. The top and back can both slim the face and stretch the curve of the neck, and the upper body will look slim and improve the quality.

A lot of fat younger sister in order to show thin, prefer to have a visual contraction of the dark clothing, actually want to wear young and beautiful, gentle and reduce the age of the light color is more suitable for you.

Of course, models will choose slimmer designs in order to achieve at least a slimmer look. And the fabric of the dress choice of this kind of crisp type material, increase the sense of line clothing, the upper body not only looks slim and straight, but also can wear a sweet but not greasy temperament.


Sunscreen shirt to hide flesh and look slimmer

If you want to look slimmer and more stylish, you can use sunscreen coat as a single product. Bask in the coat choice to open wear, the vertical rectangular door lapel that forms, can let your figure become narrow become long, show thin ten jins is not a dream!

Fat girls if they want to wear a more fashionable look, choose loose inside tight wear, highlighting the body of the hot feeling. For instance, bask in the tie-in of skirt of unlined upper garment + condole belt or condole belt unlined upper garment, the upper body is contracted do not break amorous feelings again.

Fat girls want to show thin, must know how to use their own figure advantage, show the most slender figure of the place, such as neck, limbs, waist, effortless to be able to contrast a slimmer figure.

Therefore, compared with the long-sleeved sunscreen undressed upper garment, the figure of small fat girls is more suitable for this five-minute sleeve sunscreen undressed upper garment, through the exposure of the wrist body easily show thin. The girls who will match will also highlight the slender feeling of several other parts. For example, the missing lower body wearing and waist wearing, easy to let people change into fashionable essence!

More suitable for the collocation of fat girls, or bask in the jacket +V collar waist jacket collocation, basically do not pick body type, but also easily wear a slender neck and small pretty waist, no problem show thin.

Because this is in summer, fat schoolgirl is not cannot show figure, just need to know the tie-in skill that can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.


Leisure along with the single article of sex wind

In fact, a lot of leisure with the design of the single product, to fat girls are very friendly. For example, oversize T-shirts, BF shirts, straight pants and so on.

And high waist wide leg pants, summer must get, on the back of the leg line slender slender, weight more than 120 jins of girls, can also easily wear a fashion confident look.

Loose and casual single products, choose free collision, want to upper body does not appear bloated, details match the best to show thin.

High waist line is the most simple and practical way to wear, part of the garment corner into the waist, the upper body is thin and fashionable. Like to want to reveal clothes to taste of course, detail collocation is the key, the wearing method of color echo and fashionable design act the role of, can increase modelling delicate feeling easily.Read more at:formal dresses online | short formal dresses online

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