Modena reflective raincoat protect at rainy day

Who once hit the road on the rain that knows how invaluable can be good reflective raincoat? Is the reference to the tropical cyclone included in the name of the presented combo referenced? We check.

Name and Model: Modena Tailfin Rain

Type: This product is made of durable polyester coated with polyurethane. This is a typical solution for raincoats, which do not, however, exhibit breathtaking breathability, but guarantees tightness and wind resistance. Inside for improved comfort, mesh lining was used.

Kombi is equipped with long and comfortable to use sliders, allowing you to quickly and quickly put them on. Locks are secured with tabs and Velcro. Interestingly, the suit also has an inner pocket for trinkets.

The whole is done very carefully. The seams are perfectly placed, all the tabs and locks fit perfectly. Reflective fabric inserts are in the evening well visible. We do not have any objections to the product. This model is offered in practical black with inserts in two colors - grayish yellow and sad gray.

Fit / comfort: With extensive sliders, well-rounded elastic cuffs on the sleeves and elastic waistband on the combo belt, it is very well laid out on the owner's back. It's very important because the rain does not blow in the wind like a flag.

Waterproof: Rain suits are not a product that is used every day. Edited Tailfin Rain had the opportunity to appear several times during the last half year. Each time we were 100% satisfied, we did not notice any leaks.

Purpose: At a price that is twice the price of cheap non-branded overalls, Modena is addressed to customers who value above all quality and reliability. It is a proven partner for further expeditions, also useful to those who commute daily to work and want to become independent of weather conditions. High quality makes it easy for Tailfin Rain to spend the rest of his years.

In summary, we consider Medici product very good. This evaluation results from a convincing combination of advantages and no weaknesses. The product is well made by reflective material, comfortable and very well protected from rain. If the price was slightly lower, you could talk about the ideal.

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