The list of contenders in Emerging Magazine's Top 100 International Models Competition is expanding. Those models receiving high vote counts online will move on to compete in Malibu, California during the Models For Charity Celebrity Luxury Ball.


Those moving on to the finals will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with celebrities attending the extravagant fashion event, while modeling vendor fashions on the runway.


A celebrity panel will judge the Top 100 International Models Competition finalist as models showcase designer gowns, swimsuits, casual wear and under clothing. Winners will be announced simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. The event will stream live here on Emerging Magazine.


Winners of the Malibu event will make appearances during several luxury events hosted and produced by Emerging Magazine during 2012 and 2013, including attending World Vin Cup 2013 in Anquilla, British West Indies. In addition, some will make red carpet appearances in Hollywood, California.


The Models For Charity Celebrity Luxury Ball will raise funds for two select charities before, during and after the event. Patrons desiring to attend the hot fashion and model event will meet the models and attend the Ball. A VIP Luxury Lounge is available for those wanting to meet and greet celebrities and models.


I am providing a list of the current contenders in Emerging Magazine's Top 100 International Models Competition. The contest includes both male and female international models. Should you desire to vote for any of the models I list, click on their photo and cast a vote. You need not be a member or contributor of Emerging Magazine to cast a vote.


Female Competition Contenders


Angel Rivera

Rochester, New York

Actress, Model, Musician

Have charming personality. I am out going, fun and energetic.
I love working with people and being envolved especialy in a team enviorment.
I would give the shirt off my back to a complete stranger if it would keep them warm.
I love to sing dance and play sports like football and vollyball.
Have a beautiful physique.
Have a nice demeanor



Anna Lamsa

Actress - Model

Helsinki, Finland.

I have been modeling for 3 years and hope to make my debut in commercial modeling soon.
I am hoping to gain exposure through this publication. I aspire to win a top position in the competition and hope to make it to the event in Malibu.
Meeting celebrities is exciting. Hopefully I will meet fashion designers or other industry professionals during this event.



Carissa Straley

Artist, Designer, Interior Designer, Model

Pensacola, Florida

I'm 25 and just graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design minoring in Interior Design.
The most important aspects of my life are that I am a happy mother to my beautiful daughter Linzie and a proud wife to Shane. I have a wonderful relationship with my family and couldn't imagine life without them. I couldn't be any happier or ask for a better life. I love my pets!!! God is SO GOOD!



Chantel Elloway

Actress, Event Planner, Model, Musician, PR, Writer

Vancouver, Canada

She is not only artistic, but has a passion for Business & Science. At her youthful age, she has already taken Business and Commerce, Residential Real Estate, and is currently enrolled in Dental Education. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, currently residing in TORONTO, Ontario, Her nationalities include: Russian, German, Ukrainian, Czechoslovakian, French, English, Greek, Canadian, Egyptian, Irish, and Scottish.



Christine Lozier

Experienced Model

Wrentham, MA

I believe in a healthy spirit, mind and body to live and happy life.
I enjoy a pro sports, love dogs
I am very driven, personable, and loyal
I love to have fun.





Christine Cheryomush

Artist, Model, Musician

Kyiv, Ukraine

Christine Alexandrovna Cheryomush (born December 10, 1991) is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter and model.







Corinne Doherty

Actress, Model Stylist

Alameda, California

My friends and fans describe me as “self-made” and “irresistible”. Some background info : I have a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and my educational goal is to get a degree in Chemistry.

I love fashion and world travel, especially to the tropics to shoot in swimwear. At home, I like to bake cookies, pies and cakes for special occasions. My activities include hiking, driving fast, and snowboarding. If I could change anything about my body, I would want to be three inches taller.



Costache Oana Georgiana

Artist, Interior Decorator, Model

Bucharest, Romania

I have 22 years old and I am a model for 7 years.I'm also a painter finishing high school arts.

I graduated economic and international business.






Cristina SM

Experienced Model

London, England

I grew up in Buenos Aires,Argentina, dancing salsa, cha cha and merengue. Moving to a new country and culture ignited my passions for travelling. I have visited many countries around the world, and my favourite city so far is Dubai... so many diamonds around!
Of course my biggest love is modelling since it gives me the creative freedom to express myself through a diverse range of shapes and angles. I am not afraid of trying something different and I like to explore varying ideas with photographers during shoots. My passion for what I do helps me to work very hard to achieve my goals.



Crystal Nicole Bailey

Actress, Beauty/Cosmetics, Model

Waynesboro, Georgia

My name is Crystal, I'm INCREDIBLY laid back and fun to be around! I'm very smart, attending Georgia Southern University for Justice Studies /Psychology...well, I am not this semester, but I am almost finished!

I LOVE modeling! I normally do my own hair and makeup, so I am not helpless! I love to workout and be active, and that is only second to cooking!!! I'm a fantastic cook!!!



Danielle Gilman

Actress, Model

Webster, Massachusetts 

Single mother taking the world by storm :)







Danielle Parham

Actress, Model

Columbus, Ohio

I'm a 21 year old with lots of energy and confidence in whatever it is that I choose to do! I'm always happy and ready for whatever life brings. I have an attitude and smile that can dry up rain on a stormy day! I guarantee you that I will not let u down or any company that I’m representing.





De'Cha Summers

Actress, Model

Las Vegas, Nevada

I moved to Las Vegas due to the amount of promotional/modeling work available to me. I would love to move more into commercial, fashion, print and video work. I desire to work ONLY with professionals. I do work tfcd/tfp ONLY to keep my portfolio up to date, or unless the photographer and I both benefit in some way.
I am a "jack of all trades; master of none".

I have been in the United States Navy, studied MMA, worked on computers (yes I'm a geek), been in multiple music videos (including one starring a Grammy winner), was chosen as a boxing ring-girl and a mma ring-girl, have two degrees from accredited universities and working on a professional degree part time, directed two computer schools, was an achieve global facilitator and my list could go on and on and on.




Elyse Marie Perry

Model, Public Relations, Radio, Writer

Springfield, Ohio

I am an aspiring model and TV personality from Ohio. I love to entertain, and being in front of the camera is something that not only comes natural for me, but is also where my passion lies. I love to work out, write poetry, sing and dance, stay up late, and draw!!





Genevieve Peterson

Model, Zoo Keeper

Wellington, Florida

My goal is to be the first model to win a Nobel Peace Prize. I'm not going to change the world, the world is already beautiful. I'm going to bring the world together. I work full time as a zoo keeper and tour guide at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary.

I work hands on with Lions, Tigers, Parrots, Venomous snakes and many more. The animals I work with are all rescued. In my free time I'm a student of Shaolin Kempo Karate and I'm studying my third language (Swahili). I love to help people and animals. I'm currently writing a book about the homeless. I'm huge on volunteer work. I don't want to just be a model, I want to be a role model.



Jacki Graham

Actress, Model, Life Coach

Livonia, Michigan

Full time promotional model.
My first tearsheet was in "Lego Magazine" at age 8.
I've sang on stage at Carnegie Hall in NYC.
Shoe addict.
I enjoy Mexican food.
I like to travel.
I love Jesus.


Karrin Rachelle

Actress, Artist, Blogger, Event Planner, Makeup Artist, Model, Stylist

Las Vegas, Nevada

I truly love what I do. I've dabbled in many different kinds of art my whole life. It's a huge passion of mine. I love adventure and meeting new people and learning about other cultures. I also love surfing!






Kelliana Virkutis

Actress, Artist, Model Public Relations, Writer

Pompano Beach, Florida

My name is Kelly. I love art, and I love art with purpose and depth. I haven't had any formal training; most of my work is from class notes from High School and University.

I prefer working in pen because it allows me to work with my mistakes, rather than correct them... Often I find that my mistakes make for more dynamic imagery.

I also model. Like my artwork, I strive to model with purpose and depth. I find it vitally important to portray emotion, character and thought through imagery, not simply something pretty to look at.


Lizz Kingsbury


Dundee, Illinois

I'm 18 years old. Fun-loving girl. I've been riding horses since I was three years old. Modeling has always been a large dream of mine.
Im a people person. I love working with people and in front of cameras. It is my dream to be signed with a large company. I am very easy to work with, and I am very open minded





Lynn Sambuco

Model, Personal Trainer

Venetia, Pennsylvania

I am a fitness model, national bikini competitor and personal trainer. I have always enjoyed being athletic and have a real zest for life. I am very extroverted and always enjoy meeting new people and value all friendships.

I am the proud mother of two children one of which had suffered a massive stroke at birth. This travesty has turned into a blessing in so many ways. It reinfornced ideals of perseverence, faith, and determination. The ability to never underestimate what can happen in one's life is priceless!!


Naomi Capper

Actress, Model

Adelaide, South Australia

I am a stay at home mum now but have been modelling both before baby and after baby. Since having my son I have competed in many runway competitions such as Ralph National Bikini Model Calendar Search where I was a state finalist and am a wrestler for I love photographic modelling but mostly I enjoy modelling and acting and so long as I do I will keep doing it.




Natalie Louise Fowler


Sheffield, United Kingdom

I'm 26 year old mum to my beautiful 3 year old daughter. 10 years ago, my ambition was to be a model. But the 10 year long road where ive had so many jobs, graduated from University and gave birth. I would have never thought in just the last 9 months my modelling has really started to become a reality. I would have never thought that been a mum and working part time at Homebase DIY Retail that I would be standing here within the modelling industry and just to add a note to be given the opportunity to be voted into to the top 10 finalist's for Sheffields Next top Model, and then to come 2nd place is an amazing achievement not just for me but to those who I represent "the mature" models.


Natasha Sokolova


Miami Beach, Florida

I'm currently living in Miami Beach & am looking to work with creative/innovative photographers to help build a bigger portfolio with various different styles.

My interests are shooting fashion, runway, and editorial prints as well as trade show & promotional event modeling. I am willing to travel with expenses paid. If interested, you may e-mail here with info & dates.



Nikita Penalosa

Artist, Model

Los Angeles, California

I was born with the name Nikita Francis Penalosa, Niki for short though. I`m 5' 1", 90lbs & my measurements are 32D-23-30.

I have long black hair and brown eyes & my Ethnicity is Filipino!
Im a Bikini/Import/Promotional/Print Model.




Odoevtseva Nadezda

Actress, Model, Photographer, Writer

Malibu, California

Nadya is a 23 years old 5'10" tall gorgeous Russian Actress/Model, who is located in Malibu.

Nadya has years of experience working on a stage and in front of the camera.
She has great communication skills and enjoy working with a production team.

Nadya has the combination of unique beauty (gorgeous breathtaking blue-green eyes, long healthy hair, Super Model's legs, sexy curves, perfect skin) and intelligence (Odoevtseva Nadezda has a great public speaking skills, Bachelor's Degree in Business, and a lot of working experience in Marketing, PR, Acting, Modeling, Script Writing, and Photography fields)


Yola Lewis

Actress, Jewelry Designer, Model

Lithonia, Georgia

Yola resides in the city of Lithonia, Georgia and has lived in the metro Atlanta area for the past 18 years. Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in California and Trinidad and Tobago Yola’s heritage is unique and heavily influenced by West Indian values and traditions.

Yola has a dual degree in Civil Engineering one from Clark Atlanta University and one from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently working in the field of Engineering and has been for the past 10 years. Although her field is technical she enjoys and is interested in arts, entertainment and the food industry. Growing up her activities always included singing, dancing or modeling. 

Yola is an easy going, loyal person and enjoys making everyone around her smile and laugh while finding the positive side of any situation. With a positive outlook on life Yola always tries to make people around her as joyful as she is.

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