As the three pillars of world-wide fashion have once again completed their impressive presentations, we are left to ruminate on the changing nature of contemporary style, and what it means to be a well-dressed man today. Kim Jones proved that brown can be many things, but not dull, for his last show for Louis Vuitton, while bold colors popped in many ensembles, including Études’s orange and royal blue. There were collections focused on form-fitting pieces, while others went for the oversized galore.

All in all, there were worthy items on all ends of the spectrum of shapes and hues, but several managed to steal the spotlight and add to the cool of fall and winter seasons in 2018.

Rugged and functional

8843841487?profile=originalCombining the utilitarian nature of uniforms and the sturdy quality of outdoor gear, the huskiest, most Tom Hardy-worthy pieces were dominant in all three shows. Purpose and comfort prevailed over mere choice of intriguing palette, but all of the most note-worthy pieces scored 10 out of 10 for both aesthetics and durability.

Found with the likes of Emporio Armani, whose walking boots can be considered the pinnacle of the collection, and the mountain-ready Moncler Gamme Bleu, the heavy-duty items will be the upcoming fall’s favorites.

Think in layers

One would assume that it’s the natural order of things to think of layers when the days become shorter, but the latest designer collections have taken it a few steps further, and Vetements stand out in this parade of impossible coating.

Heavy, light, multi-colored, monochrome, and with various textures, layers were welcome in all shapes, sizes, and forms to add (you’ve guessed it) yet another layer of free expression. Can’t choose between a coat and a jacket? Wear both, and pack a massive scarf on top of it all, for added effect.

Elegance with a twist

Just as the celebrated fashion designer Massimiliano Giornetti, the leader of the Master Course in Menswear Fashion Design at Raffles Milano, believes that timeless beauty stems primarily from uninhibited self-expression, this fall trend resonates with his idea of veritable elegance.

But this time, it comes with a more casual, daring twist, where authenticity comes first, in the form of suits that mirror your character, and not the other way around. Think: Virgil Abloh’s street-imbued business casual, playful in terms of color, fabric, and cuts alike, leaving no stone unturned to bring more unusual combinations.

Wild, wild west

8843842259?profile=originalEchoing of the ‘80s rodeo, another raw but powerful look has seen a revival, and we can expect more of its brawny browns and cowboy boots to heat up the cooler months of the year. It’s not just the lumberjack checkered shirts that have exploded in popularity, but boots, leather pants, long coats, and even cowboy hats, as seen in Astrid Andersen’s and John Lawrence Sullivan’s rebellious ensembles.

They’ve had a modern makeover, though, with a glossy palette of bold blues and still prominent chocolate browns, they are not just remnants of the past, but unique takes on the future of fashion.

Rock on with leather

This already versatile fabric has been used in a multitude of styles for the season. But in addition to the previously mentioned ranch-inspired looks, leather was the pièce de résistance of effortless statement dressing – Matrix-worthy coats, sturdy coal-black boots, and accessories such as gloves received equal attention for their luxurious simplicity. Leather thrived in minimalist combinations even with curious khaki shades, and Berluti, Fendi, and Dunhill all proved that this fabric is anything but over.  

The humble, but classic leather jacket now has numerous noted siblings in the game, and we are no longer stuck with accessories to style with this particular material. A fabric that calls to the brute and the most primal in us has been refined to such an extent that it has become the epitome of sophistication, without compromising any of its robust essence.

From utterly manly to casually polished, the fall and winter of 2018 will be a curious revival of vintage styles and a slew of future-oriented looks fresh off the runways – over to you to make them even more appealing with your own interpretations, because, as Harry Winston once said: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

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