Men's Fall 2013 Style: Luxury Brands

Each season requires its own unique style quotient. While summers are often associated with light colors, t-shirts, and shorts, winters are associated with dark colors, layers, full length shirts, trousers, and tailored coats. In addition to the style of clothes, there is one single essential component for a stylishly dressed man. This component involves superior quality garments with impeccable style. The easiest way to achieve this is to buy luxury brands for men. Let’s take a look at some of the latest men’s fall 2013 trends in luxury brands.

1.Shoes: Shoes are an important part of any outfit, irrespective of your gender. But in winters, shoes need to be both stylish and warm. That is why chukka boots, loafers, suede boots, and brogues are the trend of this season. In addition to keeping your feet warm, these shoes go well with the layered clothing trend that is typical for the fall season.

2.Scarfs: Scarves are not limited to just women. In fall 2013, scarves have come back into fashion. Dark colored scarves with stripes or other patterns are perfect to set off your winter wear. The pattern on these scarves ensures that they do not blend into your winter clothing and provide a much needed contrast. And in addition to being stylish, these scarves also help you ward off the chills of the season.

3.Sports coats and blazers: In this season when one needs to layer up, it isn’t a surprise that slim fit sports coats and blazers have come back into style. These sports coats and blazers have a nip at the waist and help minimize the bulkiness of the various layers of clothing. Their contrasting color also helps to provide an image of a well-dressed man, who doesn’t want to compromise on style or comfort.

4.Jackets: Not everyone wants to wear a sports coat or a blazer. That is why jackets are also in style this season, both in leather and in velvet. These perennial piece of clothing lend a sense of masculinity that is rarely achieved by any other item of clothing. In addition to upping your style quotient, jackets are the perfect way to keep warm this season.

5.Sweaters and pullovers: Both sweaters and pullovers are a good choice of clothing. They can be worn under a sports coat, blazer, or a jacket or even independently, depending on the temperature. Known for having a slimming effect, this item of clothing forms an essential part of the wardrobe of any well-dressed man.

6.Sleeveless jackets: Another fall 2013 trend is the sleeveless jacket. Similar to a sweater, this jacket also provides the warmth without adding too much bulk. Favored by people with eclectic choices, these jackets can make a stunning statement when paired with full sleeved shirts in a contrasting color and a complimentary scarf.

7.Slim fit shirts: Last but not the least, no fall outfit is complete without a slim fit shirt. These shirts form the base of any fall layered outfit without adding any unnecessary bulk. In this season, you should buy light colored ones that can provide adequate contrast against the layers you would wear over them.

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