Make motorcycle stay bright at night

Car drivers often admit that there was an accident because the motorcyclist did not notice. We suggest how to improve your visibility on a motorcycle.

The Hurt report, launched by the US Department of Transportation's Transportation Safety Administration, confirmed that when a motorcyclist wore bright yellow, orange or red clothes with reflective tape - the probability of being involved in the crash was down, as his "visibility" increased significantly. MAIDS, commissioned by the European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ACEM), with the support of the European Commission, showed an increase in the number of accidents that occurred when motorcyclists wore dark clothing.

Therefore, more and more often, garment manufacturers permanently call reflective elements and use neon colors in their products. However, if we do not have such attire we can equip: reflective belts on the torso or ankles, waistcoats or butterflies on the shoulders. Such add-ons will make us more eye-catching in the daytime, and after dark, retro reflectors will reflect the vehicle's reflector. Very often they can be personalized with any inscription.

Helmet manufacturers are also increasingly offering not only better white-and-white helmets, but also retro-reflective graphics and neon colors.

Motorcycles and helmets can also be glued to their own. For this purpose, you need to buy a pair of strips for a wheel rim or a universal tape to fit selected motorcycle parts. The choice is good; we can dress in colors and adapt them to the color of the motorcycle.

The colorful LED lighting of the motorcycle (not permitted on public roads) is also becoming more and more popular: clothing or helmets:

To frame your visibility at night, you should take care of proper lighting in your motorcycle. Check the lights at the diagnostic station and replace the bulb with more brightness to improve visibility by up to 60% (the bulb should be homologated). An additional way to increase visibility is to install larger or additional STOP light, for example, in the trunk.

Increasingly popular is the addition of an additional light bar light on the front of the motorcycle, which does not significantly affect road lighting, but only improves visibility of motorcyclists on the road. Very often they are assembled in a manner not provided for by the legislator. It is safer to mount them as an additional fog lamp, for use on winding roads or with limited air transparency.

Of course, reflective element themselves will not protect us from the danger. Nothing will replace the rules of careful driving, safe distance and speed.

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