Long Hairstyles With Bangs

Are you wondering how exactly you can style your hair? Short in front and long in back hair is also known as long hair with bangs. Long hairstyles with bangs are popular and it is a must-try for you if you have naturally long hair. Bangs make you look stunning and young. Here are some amazing long hairstyle Ideas for you that you can even try one with Long Hair Extensions


Do you prefer an edgy look? This hairstyle is just perfect for you. Baby bangs with long hair give you an edgy and stylish look. It is a unique hairstyle where it goes too short in the front and too long at the back but the combination of these two different styles gives you the beautiful look.


Feathered bangs are adorable and classy. The fringes fall just above your eyebrows. Long hair in the back should be styled straight in order to achieve a sizzling appearance. You can pick any outfit and look perfect with feathered bangs in the front. 


This hairstyle has the ability to make you look casual as well as formal. It all depends on the outfits you choose to wear with it. Try these side bangs with long wavy hair and go out looking mesmerizing.

And the best thing is if you have naturally wavy hair. Wavy bangs in the front give you an elegant look. The wavy long hair at the back creates a stylish look. Pick a casual outfit and go out looking magnificent.

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