Long, flowing, maxi dresses are back in vogue. Be it a florid floral print or a chic chevron print, the long  ladies dress is an embodiment of feminine delicacy and elegance. While most ladies are currently quite smitten with the trend, there is confusion aplenty regarding which hairstyles will complement the outfit and which will clash, particularly If they have short or medium length hair. Here is a complete guide that will shed light on how to put a spin on five traditional hairstyles to create quirky ones that will beautifully match your maxi dresses:

  1. The Braid

Before you balk at the very thought of the humble braid, note that the braid does not always mean a simple, shoddy braid made with sticky, oily hair. The braid may be down but not out in fashion circles; there are many interesting ways to reinvent this good, old hairstyle. The messy side braid is a fantastic hairdo for those with shoulder-length or slightly longer hair. Likewise, the fishtail braid and the French braid look super-stylish. Game for something fancier? Sport a crown braid, which is braiding your hair all around the edge of your hairline like a – you guessed it – crown.

  1. The Hair Bun

The bun, ubiquitous as it may be, is nonetheless a classic hairstyle. It has many variants, many of them so fancy you can’t make them at home. Mercifully, none of those will be included in this blog. Simple yet elegant buns that will enhance the gracefulness of a maxi dress include the messy side bun and the neat-looking low bun. If the occasion is more formal and your outfit dressy, go for a sleek topknot with or without bangs. For a distinctly bohemian touch, tie a satin scarf like a bow around your knot or around the crown of your head. The bun is perfectly suited to medium-length hair.

  1. The Ponytail

Whether you are twenty or forty-five, you can never have enough of the ponytail.  In fact, the ponytail is arguably the quickest, most convenient hairstyle to wear on any given day. That said, there’s more to the ponytail than its obvious resemblance to the pony’s tail! The loose side braided pony looks fabulous and is easy to make – make a side braid with a section of hair, then style the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and twist the side braid around the ponytail base. The medium high ponytail with a puff is another interesting hairstyle you could try out.

  1. Cropped Hair Left Loose

While the maxi dress is synonymous with unalloyed femininity, short hair is widely regarded as being at odds with femininity. If you have short hair and love your long dress at the same time, there are still many hairstyles you could wear with that outfit. If you have really short hair that lines up at the nape of your neck, wear a scarf or head band around your head for an effortlessly retro-chic look. For an uber-stylish look, part your hair sideways, smear a bit of styling gel on your hair and slick it straight back. If you feel like something funkier, try all-over braids.

  1. Medium-length Hair Left Loose

Women with medium-length and long hair are lucky in the sense that there are plenty of hairstyles they could try out because of the length of their hair; the truth remains that they seldom do. That is of course because most of the hairstyles suited to long hair are time-consuming. A simple yet ravishingly elegant hairdo is the mini-braid, especially when done up with flowers. All it requires is to part your hair in the middle, take two sections of hair on either side and braid them together. Join them at the back with a clip or hair tie. Another easy style is the side-swept hair left loose. Front bangs will add oomph to your look.

All the hairdos suggested above are deliberately easy to style; since the long ladies dress is anyway very attractive, it’s best to keep the hairstyle simple yet striking.

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