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Black Friday is a famous festival for store promotion and customer consumption. Recool Hair prepared many surprises for this activity. You can get wigs at Recool Hair with 50% Huge discounts, and you can also use the coupons again. You can also see more concessions, for example, some wigs can be purchased as low as $29.99. You can even participate in the promotion “Buy one, Free one”. The Black Friday is the biggest promotion of Recool Hair in a year. Please don’t miss it.

Next, this blog will ta

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Bob wig is a very popular wig. Its short hair and various hairstyles make people feel confident, cheerful and young. Bob wig is very durable, and its unique appearance has always been popular. Do you know Bob wig? If you are interested in Bob wig and want to know more?

Today’s blog will help you clearly understand everything about this wig, including what is bob wig, its type and advantages, its cleaning and maintenance methods, its installation, how to choose, etc. You can read on, and you won’t

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Is 150 Density Good For A Wig

Wig has entered more and more people’s life, many women in order to get a good appearance of the hair or cover their hair loss, began to try to wear a wig. So darling, do you know what the hair density is?


What is wig density?

Wig density means the hair density of a wig. Wig density is the amount of hair added to a hat to create a fuller appearance. It helps to determine the thickness of hair on the wig cap. Usually, the same length, the higher the density, the fuller the wig; The lower the densit

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How Long Is A 14 Inch Wig

14inch wig is a common wig length, which is usually in stock in wig shops. So how long is 14 Inch for a wig? Why and how can I choose 14inch wig? Where can I buy 14inch Wig? These queries will be addressed in today’s blog post.

What is a 14inch wig?

14inch refers to the length of hair and the 14inch wig is neither too long nor too short. The 14inch wig is about 35cm in length, which is medium length. Under normal circumstances, after wearing it, it will reach to the shoulder. 14inch curly hair is

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