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Konscious Money Entertainment Group


The 2012 Female Model Talent Search


Producers of the Internet and Cable TV Show “Uptown Premiere”

and “Ripping Runways” Aspiring Female Modeling Series is now

auditioning beautiful females nationwide to join their elite group of “Ripping Runways” female modeling troupe.


All female aspiring must be between the ages of 17-34, be

multi-talented, meaning have either singing talent, dance talent,

acting, or a unique stage talent, in addition to some runway walki

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group

Exclusive Female Model Search Going On Now!


We are Now Auditioning Beautiful Female Models Nationwide

To Represent Our Company as “The 1st Lady of Konscious Money”

and to compete in our Ripping Runways Modeling Series


The lucky female model that is selected will become the mascot and face of Konscious Money Entertainment Group for one year and her face will appear in all of our TV, website, photo, hosting, and video promotions.


The female model that is selected w

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Konscious Money Entertainment


2013 Ripping Runways Modeling and Talent Competition


2013 Ripping Runways Casting Auditions Going On Now!


2013 Ripping Runways Modeling Competition promises to be one Hot fashion and style event that every aspiring model,

singer, rapper, dancer, comedian, upcoming clothing and accessory designer and band will want to participate in 2013 Spring spectacular.


This live show and TV filming all takes place in December in Charlotte, NC.


This is an official nationwid

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group




2012 Ripping Runways

Nationwide TV Talent Showdown Competition


Now Auditioning Aspiring Models, Dancers, Singers, Rappers


The 2012 Ripping Runways TV Model Fest Series auditions continues for the Summer with another Hot 2012 Ripping Runways TV Competition taking place in July in Charlotte, NC, that will feature the hottest and most sexiest aspiring models nationwide, performing with some of the hottest most talented dancers, rappers, and singers from a

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Hi -Nice to contact you all


Please Pass to Merchandising Dept - Thanks ..."

Introduce My Company –

Lace & Trims Manufacturer and Supplier - Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

Global Sourcing Agents Specify manufacturer and supplier


We Supply Embroidered Lace, Grosgrain Ribbon, Alloy Button, Packing Bow And String Lock

to your specify apparel manufactures /supplier / wholesalers


Low-Cost, Cheap Price, High-Quality Professional, Honest and Reliable


Welcome to visit Our Official Blog-Catalogs


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Konscious Money Entertainment Group is now recruiting

Experienced Cosmetologists to help prepare models that will be doing 2012 Model Fest Ripping Runways Competition for our TV and Fashion Charlotte, NC produced TV show and Vimeo.Com Internet TV Show “Uptown Premiere.”

We are seeking cosmetologist with the qualifications listed below:

Talented Cosmetologists with experience in providing beauty services to help women look attractive for modeling shows and events; fashioning and caring for hair; bea

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group




National TV Model Fest 2012 Ripping Runways Competition


“A Night Of Fashion And Hip Hop Dancing”


Seeking Upcoming Clothing Designers Nationwide To Feature


Their Designer Clothing Line


And be Apart Of This Spectacular Event In Charlotte, NC


We are currently seeking new clothing, shoe, and handbag designers that would like

To have their latest designs showcased by some of the most beautiful upcoming models

Throughout the United States that will be feature

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group


Now accepting Photographer interns, TFP Photographers and intern video crew help for TV filming of our  National Internet TV Modeling and Talent Showcases and Charlotte Cable TV Program.


Konscious Money Entertainment will be showcasing the hottest aspiring models and hip hop dancers from all over the United States in 2012 and our spectacular events will be taking place in Charlotte, NC  and will be filmed for our Charlotte Produced TV show and Vimeo.Com TV sho

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group



Model Fest 2012


National TV Modeling Competition


Konscious Money Entertainment is now accepting

Talent applications from beautiful women nationwide

That are aspiring models and interested in auditioning

for our 2013 Ripping Runways Model festival that

will be filmed for our Charlotte, NC Cable TV and Internet TV Show “Uptown Premiere.”


This is a nationwide model casting call for the

most beautiful and sexy women worldwide to show

The world what you

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group




National TV Model Fest 2013 Ripping Runways Competition


“A Night Of Fashion And Hip Hop Dancing”


Auditions now being held for this Hot Event


Konscious Money Entertainment will be showcasing

the hottest aspiring models and hip hop dancers

from all over the United States in 2013.

and this spectacular night of events will be taking place

in Charlotte, NC and will be filmed for our

Charlotte based TV show and Vimeo.Com

TV show “Uptown Premiere.”


This modeling a

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Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

We are The Best Lace Trim Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier

My pleasure to introduce YOU ; we are supper on lace , tape and garment accessories !


Especial of cotton crochet, embroidery , elastic and button !


Welcome you pass your original for we do it on our machine space !!!



Hong Kong Li Seng Co.,Ltd

704-705 Kalok Building

720 Nathan Road,


Hong Kong
Tel : 852-23990369

Lace and Trims Man

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To: Sourcing Team And Merchandising Dept

Dear Sir / Madam

Garment Accessories Supplier – Lace Trimming Manufacturer

We are specialized supply in Garment Accessories:

Embroidered Lace, Braids, Ribbon, Elastic lace, Crochet, Tape, Belt, Packing Bow, Cord Lock, Plastic String Lock And Hand made items etc.

Welcome to visit our webpage:

( Lace Trimming )

( Alloy Button And Buckles )

( Canvas And PVC Belt )

( Fashion

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Live Streaming on the Runway

mcqueen1-200x300.jpgMaria Ogneva, in charge of Client & Community Services for FashionablyMarketing.Me, writes: A few announcements in the past couple of weeks have made me ponder the place that real-time social media plays in fashion events. During Toronto Fashion Week, all social media was forbidden during events and shows; organizers blamed weak ticket sales for this shortsighted decision. The media (traditional and “new”) and readers agreed that wasn’t the way to go and some critics even went as far as to say i
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Search Engine Optimization For Retailers

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most undervalued online marketing tools available for fashion brands and retailers. If you are selling your product on the website, you need to invest to invest in Organic SEO. Before your hire an SEO firm, do your homework and check their online work.Also, take time to better understand Organic SEO and what it involves. Below are the most common terms:#1: Keywords in Page Content – Your web site copy is the most important element i
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SEO Tips for Your Fashion Blog

One online marketing strategy that I’m passionate about is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I read dozens of fashion related blogs every week and it hurts me to seeing people making very basic and common mistakes. So here is are my five tips that any fashion blogger, writer or brand can implement themselves (no need for a pro) to make their content more search engine friendly and achieve higher rankings.1. Categories — When you publish a post, only add that post to one category. Categories are
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You may or may not have seen my recent blog post regarding fashion gadgets. If you missed it, you can read my fashion gadget blog. Anyway, the reason that I am writing this blog post is not to tell you about the fashion gadgets I worked on this past weekend and the early part of this week. The reason for this blog message is to tell you about the NEW gadget that I created last night. Actually, I think that this is my favorite. This one is a fashion search engine. This fashion search engine gadge
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Introduce Good Supplier

For Designer, Merchandiser And Purchaser

Welcome low order and small quantity for Any Garment collection

We are manufacturing to supply counter-sample for you and your buyer approval,

and we a good many product sample , some is over production stock keep in , so you can cut down the cost.

We Supply Embroidered Lace, Canvas Belt, Alloy Button, Packing Bow And String Lock

Welcome to visit our Blog:

Cunny Lace
Canvas And PVC Belt

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Calling All Fashion and Technology Bloggers!

Polyvore is a web-based application that lets people mix and match images from anywhere on the web to create fashion outfits and collages. It's a community of trendsetters, tastemakers and fashionistas!We've recently localized Polyvore for several international languages, creating an amazing user experience for our fashionistas worldwide. This was all made possible by the Polyvore community itself, who actually contributed 100% of the translations.We're also planning to launch some really cool f
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One of the most common difficulties I run across in my dealings with fashion designers is that a fancy website with clean graphics and a hip layout really does nothing for generating online apparel or accessory sales or attracting site visitors. Therefore, it’s important to really understand how a website attracts traffic. Some of this is a bit technical, but I’ve tried my best to make it as understandable as possible.Method 1: Search engine traffic. This refers to traffic as a result of typing
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Saurer Industrial Co Ltd

You would like to know about Saurer? We tell you our predominance!·Competitive Price with High Quality·Sourcing Expert Providing the Largest Range of Products·SEM Expert Offering Marketing Service·Looking for Cooperationl We are Offering Competitive Price with High qualitySaurer Industrial Co., Ltd., locating in Guangzhou, China, is manufacturing and supplying high quality nonwoven products and fabrics at competitive prices both for home and abroad. We have established good relationships with pr
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