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SKINEEZ by Clothes for A Cause

1483300SKINEEZ by Clothes for A Cause (via The Los Angeles Fashion)

Every girl is always trying to figure out a way to slim out the muffin top and not so tone parts of her body but how can we do it and still be sexy and fashionable? Well ladies, fear not, Skineez have arrived. These sexy slimming and healthy, yes healthy undergarments are the latest in fashion and…

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In Honor of Dad












Father's Day is right around the corner.  Sunday, June 19, 2011 is the day that millions will honor dad on his special day.


Let us know at how you plan to honor your dad on Father's Day, and we look forward to you posting your pics afterward ;-)


Our Sephora e-store is offering three free deluxe samples with any $25 Beauty Insider order through June 7, 2011.


Use code DADSDAY.






Regina Pinder- Smith | Founding Edit

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Plain and sends a message. I believe in creating a message through my personal resources. The ExPosure Show allows professionals to engage, entertain and network through the means of art that is created through the fashion lense. However, more importantly, the fashion sends a message about health personal values, and identity. This show, is something that every organism in the fashion industry should witness and be a part of.8842915081?profile=originalThe palet meets the fabric
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We all know that sky-scraper heels are bad for your feet. Our sexy stilettoes take a constant battering in the press with warnings of how our feet will end up looking like gnarled old tree when we’re older. But now even flatees can’t get away without a bit of a press bashing, my beloved ballet-pumps apparently aren’t doing my feet any favours either. According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, many don’t adequately support your feet and can cause arch and heel pain if you wear them

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My family's greatest battle...

I know this might not be the most relevant topic for this site, but I thought getting it out there could definitely not hurt. While I still have a passion for fashion, one other thing that I find important in my life was a "disease" that my family and I have dealt with and fought for sooo long. Finally, something has been introduced to alleviate our symptoms, and I feel that there is no harm in spreading the word for others who suffer as well...just thought I would share my story, but also can't
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My Computer is Killing Me!

It is a sly little devil, that laptop of mine. The damn thing has already cost me one angioplasty (heart surgery) because of it and I'm pretty sure I will need weight loss surgery of some kind soon too. Maybe I could sue Microsoft or Dell and charge that they are in a conspiracy with the health care industry. Maybe Google too. That damn thing keeps me glued to my chair, reading, blogging, but mostly getting fat and out of shape. I should be working out instead sitting here being assaulted by thi
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we need you

We are a new company and although we have been creating great clothing for years , as an independant design company,and you know that that can be difficult, we are still pushing and have now started a shirt line , our marketing strategy is to reach the music industry first, because we feel that music inspires fashion and so on... if you are a new music artist or model this is what we would like you to do check out our shirts and leave a comment you can also purch
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Two exciting upcoming events for Instant Button. Instant Button will be featured on a national TV show, 'THE VIEW' on ABC, and a local bay area show, 'The View from the Bay' on ABC7.Monday, 2/23 - ABC - THE VIEW at 11am PST:Jenn FalikBank on 'The View' with tips and advice on ways to shop and save money., 2/24 - ABC 7 - The View from the Bay at 3pm PST:Audrey MansfieldAlternatives to buying new jeans or p
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SOY SPACASSO has re-emerged with a beautiful and sophisticated new look and has now joined the major players in today’s global health, skincare and beauty marketplace.SOY SPACASSO is a Des Moines, Iowa based company dedicated to creating and producing premium, healthy and appealing soy skin care products that we promise will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit....naturally.Bringing about a transformation in the beauty and skin care industry through the use of natural soy based skin care, candl
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As seen in Figure Magazine - Buzzworthy Items Women MUST Know!Visit us at*****************************************************************************************************To celebrate the wonderful buzz Mixology is receiving, we want to share our blessings! We are currently donating 5% of our monthly sales, but now we have a bigger mission!Our goal is to be able to sponsor 1 clean water well in an African Village through Blood:Water Mission (www.bloodwatermission.c
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D.V.B.L will be selling pieces dedicated to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Help Da Vinci's Blog Log Support Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome With Our DVBL Charity Pieces. (All Profit Will Be Donated To PCOS). Also $1 will be donated from each non charity DVBL product purchased from our store! Click the banner above to browse or visit us at

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