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If I were a Boy...

Sinful son of the Upper East Side, I'd enjoy the occasional Scotch on rock, with a dose of naughty poker sessions, evil plotting and puppet master mannerisms...-I'd be the epitome of class, the one with a whole lot of self assurance and charisma, a noticeable style, always dressed to kill!!!I wouldn't be a hero to all, but let's face it, my life wouldn't be ruled by some weak popularity contest either.Shocking to some with my propos, I'd be loved my Mothers and probably not so much by Fathers a
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Dressed 2009: Pixyworld on the Runway

DressedAlida.jpgI'm really not an "event" person. So it was out of my comfort zone to organize 12 mini-models, with male relatives as their escorts, for the fashion show in our area last weekend.

But I have to admit it was kind of fun, when it actually happened. The little girls were thrilled have their moment in the limelight, and I guess I was too!

DressedBackstage.jpgIt was even fun for my two boys, who can't model for Pixyworld, but enjoyed attending their first runway show. They got to come backstage, and were proud of their de
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It sounds like such a great idea, doesn't it? Sourcing made simple via the internet. A site that connects designers and manufacturers using spec sheets and a formal bidding process. No more phone calls, faxes, or sending samples just to get a bid.

But in practice, I just don't think we're ready for When I submitted spec sheets for Pixyworld's dresses & shorts last summer, the response I got was somewhat puzzling.

Of all the hundreds of suppliers (domestic and overseas) they had listed, th
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Date Change for Michigan Runway Shows

Designers and models can still sign up for Dressed on Washington Street, southeast Michigan's new annual fashion event!

The runway shows will now take place on Saturday, May 30. Pixyworld still has spots available for mini-models, sizes 18M to 7. You can contact me directly if you're interested.

In addition to the fashion shows, there will be an accessories show inside the What is That Gallery in Ypsilanti, MI. If you're nearby, don't miss this fabulous event!
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Flattering Lines for Little Girls

41GWRPZ1CVL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_.jpgMy favorite fashion & style book has to be Does This Make Me Look Fat? by Leah Feldon. The title is perhaps somewhat misleading, in that it is not a strictly thinness-oriented book. It gives some very helpful tips on looking chic and having an artistically well-proportioned ensemble.

This, more than any other style handbook, has helped me in designing toddler girls' clothing. For a toddler, looking "fat" is not the issue. The shape and proportions of a toddler's body are so unlike an adult woman'
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Hiring a Sales Rep: A Big Decision

So, Pixyworld is taking the plunge. In a certain way it feels like we're signing away our freedom. But, all things considered, I think signing on with Lace and Denim for the Southeast US region is the best next step for us in building our line.

When we first considered a different showroom in 2008, we were scared off big-time. In fact, it was that experience that inspired us to start selling to the retail customer through our own website! It was my husband Jon who spoke with the first showroom, a
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Toddler Hair Accessories: What's Out There?

140047921?$240x305$Gymboree (hairpiece pictured) is clearly a leader in mass-produced hair accessories for little girls. There are also many clever moms producing unique custom hair pieces, selling on etsy or eBay. So, is there room for more?

Gymboree seems to have two advantages, besides the obvious cost benefit of mass-production. One is one-stop shopping. Moms shopping online will choose a hairpiece from the same site as the clothing they are buying, if possible, to save on shipping.

Their other advantage is outf
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Are We Tired of Pink?

Accessorize Me! Set: Tee, Jeans, ShrugNot too long ago, we were hearing from the fashion world that Pink Is the New Black. But the faddish popularity of the color seems to be fading. The best-selling collection in my toddler girls' boutique line this season has been Flower Power, my only collection without even a hint of pink.

Maybe we are sick of pink because, in this economy, Pink Slips are the New Black! Maybe moms shopping little girls' boutiques are looking for something very unique, and they feel that pink for little girls is t
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Flower Power Colors

model742_3.jpgWhen I did my first manufacturing run for Pixyworld last year, I tried to choose colors that would appeal not just to me personally, but to a wide range of customer tastes.

For example, I had learned, through selling custom outfits on eBay, that in toddler girls' clothes, pink just sells. As an Autumn, I can't wear pink at all, so it's not a color I naturally gravitate to. (Though it looks gorgeous on my little Summery 4-year-old!)

At any rate, I had to let myself go on just one collection. For F
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Hitting the Runway in Michigan

We may not be LA or NYC, but my little town of Ypsilanti, MI will be hosting an annual fashion event, starting this May 9-10. Dressed on Washington Street will have 4 runway shows over the course of two days, including "Wearable Art" and "Recycled Clothing." Pixyworld will be participating on Sunday afternoon, with our mini-models hitting the runway for the first time. Those who are too tiny to model alone will be accompanied by their proud dads.

Any local mini-models sized 18M to 5T who are inte
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I see London, I See France...

homepageWhit1.jpgI volunteer occasionally to work in the preschool class at church, and as much as I love the age, being a preschool girl does come with its fashion dilemmas.

In fact, I began designing children's clothes with just these dilemmas in mind. These little girlies are at the prime dress-wearing age, and they look as pretty as posies in their twirly dresses and piggy-tales.

But, they do tend to expose themselves for all the world to see. Parents tend to either ignore this problem -- fair enough, I guess
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Kids' Fashion Photography

cool funky baby & toddler girls' outfitsIt's so difficult with little kids to get everything right in a photo. I'm impressed with Melanie Reyes' work here, in a recent photo shoot for Pixyworld.

boutique baby clothesShe gets the most of the details of the clothing, while still getting a cute smile. I'm a sucker for a twirly dress, and she even got a little twirl into the photo!

Hats off to you photographers -- without you, there would be no online shopping!
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Little Kid/Big Kid -- and in beTween

If I've heard it once, I've heard it 100 times -- Pixyworld needs to add bigger sizes. Moms want it, girls want it. So this season we're adding sizes 6 and 7.

There is an age, though, where kids stop wearing matched sets. Not that all kids wore them before that age -- but they definitely go from cool to uncool somewhere around age 7. Funny, isn't it?

My two boys, 9 and 7, have made the transition. Now they don't just not match -- they usually clash. Boys' athletic clothes are sold as separates, fo
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CoverGirl Lipstain


It stains and stains and stains - and that's a good thing!I am by far not a lipstick girl. Most of my make up is meant for my eyes. So when Cover Girl came out with their new product I got curious. The Outlast Lipstain promises to not be the typical lipstick. It actually stains your lips, much like a felt pen, and that's also how it looks and feels when you apply the (water based) color.Anxious to try it, I applied the lip stain right after I came back from the store one aftern
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Press for Pixyworld!!

cool funky baby & toddler girls' outfitsPress helps. No doubt about it!!

I was contacted recently by Earnshaw's Magazine for permission to use our Paisley Print Tee in an article on Paisley. So, look for Pixyworld in their next issue!

While that is the breaking news, I am so grateful to all the bloggers who have given me a spot. So, I recently created a Press page on my site to highlight their work.

Thank you, my blogging friends!!
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Models & Photography for Boutique Girls' Fashion

boutique toddler girl swing top sets

Good photos are key in the presentation of boutique girls' clothing -- online, or anywhere. And photographing toddler girls is no easy task! I quickly abandoned the idea of doing my own photos, after trying a couple of times with my own little girls. It's an art form of its own, that takes patience, skill, technical know-how, and and artistic talent.

What means the most to me, besides accurate representation of the lines and details of the clothing, is capturing something of the model's un
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Clothes for All Shapes and Sizes

3d8a1f5c_1.jpgOh, to fit all toddler shapes and sizes!

I love to hear from customers that a toddler outfit fits perfectly... and it's a hard-won compliment!

Babies and toddlers do come in ALL shapes and sizes. Did you ever stop to consider that women's clothes are sizedmainly according to body proportions, assuming that basic measurements like height, arm length, and inseam aremore or less the same for all women?

With baby & toddler clothes, all bets are off, and every measurement is up for grabs! A 4T has to tr
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Something About a Shrug...

P9244756.jpgWhen my artist friend recently visited me with her 3 kids, she took one look at my 4-year-old daughter in herPixyworld dress and shrug, and exclaimed,"She looks like a butterfly!"
I do love to think of my daughter as a butterfly, because that fits her personality so well -- tiny, busy,and colorful!
There's something about this season's shrug that I love. Maybe it's the way it divides the figure into thirds, insteadof chopping it in half like a traditional top & jeans set. Maybe it's the soft flow
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