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Lazy Oaf

That's So New YorkOkay, so it's official, I survived my first day of college; I have to say, I'm not exactly overjoyed. A summary of the day? I walked around the majority of the time on my own as it seemed that everyone, everywhere was reluctant to spark up a conversation with me. I won't point fingers, yet in my opinion it's a little rude to ignore someone when they casually slip out a "Hello" (let me verify that I was the one being ignored; oh, how I wish it was the other way round). I neve

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Venice Jewellery

That's So New YorkThe majority of you may have noticed that over the course of the past week or so, I haven't exactly been consistent in regards to my posting schedule; my reason? I have been enjoying the last week or so of my Summer holidays, as I will of-course be starting College this coming Tuesday. The thought that I have now spent almost twelve years of my life in education seems a little absurd, yet is it paying off? I have to say, yes; simply due to the fact that I received my results

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'Rookie' by Tavi Gevinson


 (Image Credit: Rookie)


That's So New YorkDespite the fact that the majority of you will be aware that Style Rookie blogger, Tavi Gevinson has launched her very own online-magazine, I thought I'd throw around this notification-type post a little, just in-case you have been trapped in a well for the past week or so, or even been living in some sort of cave on the top of a mountain where internet access isn't exactly viable (then again, with the amount of wires and things around nowadays, I thi

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Venice Jewellery / Mini's Collection

That's So New YorkDespite the fact that it was just days ago I mentioned Venice Rish of Venice Jewellery and how much I admired the label as a whole, I couldn't help but throw around a handful of additional images from Venice's Mini's collection which I was presented with just recently. There is something about stick figures in love which manages to give me butterfly's inside ...

8842969884?profile=originalAdmittedly, all of the items from the Mini's collection are not currently available for purchase, yet I can offer a

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Viktor Vauthier

8842964691?profile=originalThat's So New York - Photography is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine; therefore when I'm not sifting through a borderline ridiculous amount of online-stores and designer profiles, I tend to spend the majority of my time hunting down a selection of photographers which I can introduce to you all; I even tend to occasionally venture out of my house, and perhaps even my village to wave my camera around a little and snap some images of my own. 

I have the Lazy Oaf AW/11 Women's Look Book to thank for
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Blood Is The New Black / Mitra Khayyam

That's So New YorkIt didn't take me too long to hunt down a second fashion industry-related interviewee after my first interview post which featured a a handful of questions by yours truly, followed by a selection of answers courtesy of ICU - IN PARIS.COM Owner/Founder Christan Summers. Despite the fact that the opportunity to sit down and talk with Mitra Khayyam, Owner/Founder of Blood Is The New Black via Skype was not available (due to the fact that Mitra is presumably an extremely busy wo

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ICU - IN PARIS.COM / Christan Summers

That's So New YorkThe majority of you may recall mentions of an interview with ICU - IN PARIS.COM Owner/Founder Christan Summers briefly last week; although it may have taken me just over a week to pull myself together and choose an image whilst piecing together the presentation of the interview, I have pulled the rabbit out of the hatand finally thrown placed everything together. Somehow during mine and Christan's conversation, we did manage to go off subject a little, and at a guess we most

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Heidi Mottram: Part Two of Two


That's So New YorkThe majority of you may recall my post which introduced a handful of my favorite products from London, United Kingdom-based Eel Skin bag designer, Heidi Mottram, titled Heidi Mottram: Part One of Two a week or so ago; yes, you may have guessed that this is the second part of that same post, yet instead I thought that I would venture a little more in depth in regards to Heidi's background, which I have to admit triggered various feelings of surprise after a first read. I mean

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Cheap Monday; 'Cheap Date' (Re-Blogged)

That's So New YorkI have Susie Bubble (Susanna Lau) of Style Bubble to thank for this post, primarily due to the fact that the majority of you may recall Susie sharing a post titled Cheap Date earlier this week; that of which presented an interview which Susie held with Cheap Monday's Creative Director, Ann Sofie-Back and Orjan Andersson, where she questioned the aesthetic behind their Spring/Summer 2012 show/collection (don't worry, I haven't completely forgotten Fall/Winter 2011; rest assur

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Dan Monick

That's So New York - In addition to my most recent hobby which involves me sitting and flicking through pages and pages of online-stores, images, portfolio’s, collections and designer profiles in an attempt to find the next big thing, I have recently come to notice that yet another hobby seems to have begun toppling in; that of which still involves me flicking through pages and pages of images/portfolio’s; in this case, perhaps online-stores too. “What on earth is this hobby?” you may ask; my an
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That's So New York - Despite the fact that I'm constantly receiving press releases and emails from press representatives which suggest a potential post, regrettably I have to admit that it is seemingly once in a blue moon that I actually post about the said designer, product or photographer; simply because I seem to enjoy that thrill of being able to scream "look what I have just found!" in addition to "look what someone has just handed to me on a silver platter!" - yes, I have to say that it se

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I Love Ugly: Sale!

That's So New York - Admittedly this is more of a "post and dash" notification in addition to a long-winded yet informative essay; not to worry, there is a slight perk to my "what to post when you have a busy schedule" methods  (I know, me with a busy schedule, you wouldn't have thought it, would you?) In regards to this notification, I simply wanted to inform you all that I Love Ugly, a brand which I posted about just two weeks or so ago have just announced a rather dandy sale; I mean, a pair o

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"you can look, but do not touch!"

That's So New YorkRecently I've been victim to a series of those "you can look, but do not touch!"phases; for those of you who are a little unsure in regards to what I'm rambling on about, let me explain. Do you remember them childhood shopping trips with your parents where you would be dragged into a store and upon entering your parents would sternly whisper "you can look, but do not touch anything!"simply because they were afraid that with your irresponsible child-like habits, you may drop

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That's So New YorkFinally, the day I have been aching for over the course of the past week or so has presented itself. As the majority of you will recall, last week I shared part one of Marina's two-part release; that of which she titled "Fear and Loathing". I did also mention that I would of-course be sharing part two as soon as it made its debut; which I'm pretty sure the majority of you would have most probably guessed is right about now (well, yesterday, yet of-course I needed time to pul

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"Fear and Loathing"

That's So New YorkNo matter how hard I try, music always seems to snatch itself a mention in the majority of my posts, yet I'm afraid that I cannot complain when it is the music of Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds). Marina has recently developed an alter-ego; that of which she has named Electra Heart, which brings me onto my next point. I will admit that I seem to check back to Marina's official blog daily; you wouldn't be able to reenact the minor flip-out which occurred when Marina

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'Two Planets' by Maria Lau

That's So New YorkSince my Ax+Apple post around two weeks ago, my admiration for jewelry has heightened; I mean, the search for admirable jewelry designers has even managed to snatch itself a place on my "to do" list. Although I usually tend to hunt for the international among the local, recently I've come across a designer who is both local and international, meaning that the her London location would be considered local (seeming that London central is around forty/fifty minutes from me) yet

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Heidi Mottram: Part One of Two

That's So New YorkI'm not usually one for rather basic "I like this bag; that's all" type posts, as I'm sure the majority of you know I can talk for England and frequently tend to ramble on for two or three paragraphs as I introduce a label, the said labels background and go onto introduce an entire collection, followed by six or seven reasonably large images of that particular collection, yet recently I've began admiring the scrapbook-type format which I have seen in use on a handful of addi

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"I like you so much better when you're naked"

That's So New YorkIt's very rare that I use video as a way displaying an entire collection or campaign, yet when it comes to Blood Is The New Black and there creative aesthetic, it would nothing but a shame to waste a admirable look book video and throw images in its place. The Blood Is The New Black Fall 2011 video presents us with just a handful of the prints which Blood Is The New Black will be stocking over the course of the next two to three months. As always with BITNB, the video is ext

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Rachel Sin

That's So New York - I've been feeling a little like a fashion scout over the course of the past two or three weeks; simply because I seem to keep stumbling across designer after designer, that of which have frequently left me pondering something along the lines of "why on earth has this label still not had its big break?" as it seems that even though I've been graced with an unthinkable amount of talent whilst flicking through a number of stores and designer profiles, it is not unusual to see t

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