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What’s that intoxicating smell on the breeze? Why, it’s the encroaching perfume of the weekend and, lucky you, it’s time to take a trip. Be it to Europe or just a quick island getaway with your honey,
there’s nothing like hopping a plane and getting the hell out of town.
While your clothes can easily fit in a small carry-on suitcase, there’s
just no way that all your precious makeup will fit into a Ziploc, right?


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Kiss and tell: image by the billyllama on Flickr

We’ve been dating since we hit puberty. What to wear, what to order, how to have the perfect good-night kiss—we got it down to a science. But what about makeup? On a first date, you don’t know what to expect, but your face should be ready for anything.


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Dior DiorShow Black Out Waterproof Mascara Blackshow?id=xV3xOqud7Lc&bids=32532.1078138&type=2&subid=0 Every editor has this in their makeup bag. It is by far the best mascara on the market today and the most effective.


Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Cashew Beigeshow?id=xV3xOqud7Lc&bids=32532.899591&type=2&subid=0 This foundation offers flawless coverage and an amazing silk finish. It also last for months.


show?id=xV3xOqud7Lc&bids=32532.1180132&type=2&subid=0Tarte Dark Circle Defense™ Natural Under Eye Corrector Light-Mediumshow?id=xV3xOqud7Lc&bids=32532.1180132&type=2&subid=0 One of the best under-eye concealers. It's one of the few concealers I own and buy regularly. I also use it on other parts of

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Rituals Cosmetics has a new eyeshadow...

1000 years ago the Chinese elite was using pure gem stones for their daily body care. Not only for beauty purposes but also for it’s spiritual effect. In Old Egypt gem stones were used as a make-up.Nowadays applying make-up up is a quick daily routine. But by using gem stones Rituals Cosmetics brings you a little bit closer to nature during the daily make-up ritual. If you pay more attention while applying make- up you will not only give your face more colour but also shine from within.


With the
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Good news LUXies, Swiss chemicals manufacturer Clariant has just announced an eco-labeling initiative to help distinguish sustainable, green products from the rest. Clariant has just introduced ‘Ecotain’ to the world.In an opportunity to help the personal care industry focus on creating eco-friendly, economical and sustainable formulations, Clariant has created ‘EcoTain’ labeling. The ‘EcoTain’ label will only be given to products that meet the standards of greener formulations. For example, pro
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Your smile is important, and one of the first things anyone looks at when they meet you. First impressions count, and a beautiful smile can make all the difference. This weekend, a select group of dentists are being taught amazing new NO PAIN NO NEEDLE technologies to help their patients achieve the smiles that they have always dreamed of. Dr Michael Schneider, one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the world, who is sought out by supermodels, movie and TV stars, Rock and Pop stars and world fa
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It is no wonder if summer gives some sunburns to your skin. After all, it is the basic nature of anything which keeps scorching all the time. But it would be a real shocker for everyone, if you surrender to the heat of that grand fire-ball lurking overhead, without preventing those sunburns. Read More
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