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When you first see somebody, it only takes three seconds for them to form an opinion of you. The other person gets an impression about you in this brief period of time based on your look, body language, temperament, gestures, and how you are dressed. Every time you interact with someone new, they judge you and create an opinion of you. For the dressing, you can look out for the best watch brands for men to give a boost to your impression. So let's look at some of the exquisite timepieces that wi

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With time, Timex has evolved to be one of the most renowned watch brands. Its marvelous watch collections are loved all over the world. There are hardly any people who have not heard the name and its fame. This blog will explore the best Timex watch collections you must try once in your lifetime. With the best quality and excellent design, Timex is the house of production of the best-branded watches for men available in India.

Timex Waterbury Ocean Collection

Environmental concerns are growing day

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Parents are the most special persons in our lives. Therefore we want to show love to our parents and make them feel special. Although no special day is required to shower our love on our parents, some special days allow us to make them feel loved, appreciated, and understood. Fathers’ day and mothers’ day are such occasions that remind us of the fact that there’s nothing stronger than a parent’s love. But the question remains - how do you make them feel what they truly are - special?

May be an image of wrist watch and text that says "TIMEX CERAMIC TIMEX"

In this arti

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Over the past two years, many people have taken to fitness. Inculcating a new dimension to life is complicated enough; being able to monitor it shouldn't have to be cumbersome. A good fitness branded watch for girls or boys is the solution. Owning a smartwatch is an easy and hassle-free way to monitor your fitness schedule through various measurements.

Be it measuring the heart rate, blood pressure, SP02, or tracking sleep or activity schedules, these branded watches for men & women can do it all

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