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Armoire Origami Dress


Style: Armoire Origami Dress

Brand: Armoire

Description: Dramatic statuesque, tailored origami dress in woven jacquard.
Exclusive ARMOIRE details at front. Concealed zip fastening at back.


Armoire brand is now up on Wikifashion dot com


Can't wait for you to join ARMOIRE at Facebook dot com/armoireapparel

Much Loved,

Armoire xxo

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Brand yourself




When most people think of brand recognition or brand loyalty, they think of large  companies. Brands  are not exclusve to large comapnies ; brands can make smaller business  stand out and be  very successful especially when in competitive / fickle  industry , like the  fashion industry.


developing and managing a brand is hard work , and you must focus on knowing what your customers want and how you can give it to them. Being consistent in your services/ products offered and any other type of

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Big TV’s Lisa Stanley interviews Jeff Yarchever, founder of Velvet Angels. Come along as she finds out what makes this line of shoes the hottest luxury footwear on the planet. See more at and
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The birth of Armoire.

Armoire started purely with the vision to engineer the perfect dress – timeless n’ versatile.

The whimsical idea was inspired from trips ranging from the Far East to Milan. Scouring the vintage markets in Sydney and Melbourne for inspiring pieces. Sinking into the variety of fabric, the collections are coming together to contain show stopping dresses, a selection of daywear, signature dresses, using exclusively imported fabric.8842874865?profile=original

“Dreams don’t come true by themselves, but if you wish for something h

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angs Blood! Series Fashion Jewelry


The "angs primary design school" is a couple's latest independent brand, the idea of which originates from young people's living status nowadays. They re-interpret traditional culture, popular culture and culture phenomenal Chinese young people experiencing, from their prespective,attempt to create arts with a touch of people in simple and designing language that is close to people. 

Today, as the sole distributor of angs in USA and Canada, we would like to share our products with you.

Hope you en

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China’s 8 Most Popular Luxury Brands

China now has the means to spend big on luxury goods – which has been endlessly reported.

China also knows exactly what luxury goods it wants.

This week consulting firm Bain & Company released a new report on the Chinese luxury market that showed China is the fastest-growing consumer of leather products and jewelry globally. The Chinese luxury market is expected to grow by 23% this year, reaching 84.3 billion yuan (US$12.7 billion). According to Bain, Chinese consumers’ taste for high-end brands h

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Tory Burch’s First Hong Kong Store

American designer Tory Burch is set to open her first Hong Kong store at the IFC mall this month.

Until now, you can only find a limited selection of her pieces at Lane Crawford. The new 1,200 square feet Hong Kong store, designed to feel like a room in her own home, will be stocked with shoes, bags, and her ready-to-wear line.

Popular with celebrities, the Tory Burch style is defined as classic American sportswear -- casual with a twist of eclecticism. Her signature ballet flats are very popular.
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Whether you’re a techie or not, you know that the iPad is the talked about technological addition to your electronic device collection. Sure, the tablet computer has made a massive impact on the
world of technology, but fashion companies are going to have to re-think their advertising approach to keep up with our generation’s love for all things online.


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Left: Ann Taylor Employee; Right: Ann Taylor Professional Model (Photos via Mashable)

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past… forever, you’re aware that a majority of models tend to be skinny… frightfully skinny. And we get it: The unhealthy look shows off the garment’s construction because, hm, what doesn’t look great on something,or someone, hanger-thin? But, individuals and groups in the public eye (like Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty or Mark Fast’s size 12 and 14 models at London Fash

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by Ralinda Harvey

While leaders of successful companies and brands often have very different working styles and personalities, they do have one thing in common:

They involve themselves in every aspect of their company and/or brand.

At a very successful company I used to work for, which I’ll refer to as Andi James, the owner, Andi, would always go to trade shows with the sales reps. This may have seemed a little annoying to some of the sales reps, but he wasn’t trying to micro-manage or schmooze wit

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Air Jordan Motorsports and Six Rings release dateThey finally decided on the release of the Air Jordan Motorsports VI and Six Rings. We really went nuts seeing these pair and want to get our hands on it the minute they announced it. The Jordan brand really prepared for this pair and their racing team. They also released that they will be expanding the use of these kicks from steering through multi-G-Force corners to a more streetwise approach. The Air Jordan Motorsports VI will be released on Fe
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What's in a name? Branding, history...a lawsuit?

Every designer with the dream of starting her own brand has dreamed of the day she sees her name on a runway, in lights, or on a monogrammed handbag.As fun and rewarding as this can be, its not all flashing lights-sometimes it’s a pounding gavel. Read on and avoid a costly mistake.
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Recession is forcing consumers to rethink how and where they shop – FashionStarDome transforms shopping experience into a one stop shopping solution for designer clothing.Even during the recession, fashion passionate consumers want to have top-notch style but shopping for designer clothing can burn a whole in your wallet. This is where online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Consumers are able to track how much they spend as they go, not to mention the savings made in fuel. By shoppin
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Are you using Google Alerts to monitor what people are saying about your brand?Alerts allow you to actively monitor press coverage your company is receiving – positive and negative. Press doesn’t just come in the form of magazines and newspapers anymore. Bloggers, community forums and social networks contribute - things online consumers use on daily basis – toward negative and positive perception of your product/brand. Alerts are an easy and FREE way to monitor what the blogosphere is saying abo
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Are the best things in life really free?


Free” devalues brand equity and permanently damages perception.Chris Anderson’s “Free” has made Malcolm Galdwell balk and the creative geniuses of 37 Signals publicly state that the model of “FREE” is the greatest shame of the digital age. Apparently, publicists and public relations agencies are embracing the model by discounting service rates and adding in uncompensated hours to retain or win new client accounts.“When you give away your expertise (other than pro-bono work), you devalue it in yo
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Beer cooling bowl

Ufo - beer cooling bowlCompetition entry for It's Aperitivo time competition organized by designboom in collaboration with Peroni Nastro azzurro and Alessi .Beer cooling bowl in shape of flying saucer.Eccentric design ideas by Peter Jakubik.
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Plastic lighting case with technical lamp designed by Peter Jakubik.


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