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Three ways to make fashion events pay off

divasquare.jpgNow that the economy is in recession, it's important to find alternate ways to promote your brand and make those sales. Creating partnerships with others from parallel industries to create fashion-related events can be a good situation for your business, as long as you can use the event to your advantage.

1.Make sure the event will attract people in your psychographic/demographic.

In a nutshell, a psychographic analysis of a market goes one step deeper than demographics, by looking at the emotiona
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The sisters behind Sretsis envision “Parallel Universe” as a series of interlocking and interrelated pieces, a jigsaw puzzle that can be put together to reveal a hopeful, harmonious universe. From this image, I almost visualize a mirror image.. Same, but yet not the same... I thought this was a great photo, so I wanted to share it with you. You can learn more about Sretsis and their fashion brand at the Sretsis website.
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