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Once you wear your wedding dresses on your wedding day, your transformation into a bride is almost complete. There are few things left to do now, before you walk down the aisle. Here is a list of must-do’s before you finally wear your bridal dress, and are ready walk down the aisle.


1.Eat and drink something

While you should have something light to snack on, even after you change into your dress to keep the hunger pangs at bay, you should fill yourself up prior to wearing your dress. Once you are

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There are several factors to consider and work with when choosing your bridesmaid dresses. From budget constraints to matching body shapes and personal preferences to making the choice from thousands of options, you are in for a long ride. Do you already think your head is spinning? Don't worry, because we have the solution. 



Your girls know that a new dress is on the cards when they sign up to be your bridesmaid. But, don't make them cringe and cry by choosing an expensive dress that is

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Clever brides know that the wedding dress search begins with choosing the right wedding dress silhouette. So, we will discuss the defining characteristics of different silhouettes as well as the pros and cons of each style.


Ball Gowns

Think fairytale, and the ball gown is the first style that pops into mind! The ball gown is a silhouette that says ‘bride’ so very clearly. Synonymous with the princess look, it is opulent and dramatic. Ball gowns always feature a fitted bodice, defined waistline an

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Every sign has its own particular sensibility and style, and while we may not be bound by the stars, we can certainly consider their advice. Read on to find out what the best wedding dresses style is for you based on your zodiac sign.



 You will likely be an unconventional, offbeat bride. Consider a non-traditional wedding dress with easy style, comfortable fabric and casual sophistication. Combine vintage elegance and contemporary features, like a classic a-li

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Where’s your dream beach wedding...a tropical island, ocean resort, or rugged coastline? Imagine saying your vows by the sea. Or dining with guests by an ocean sunset. How do you feel in your bridal gown?Beach brides often share something special. They’re looking for beach wedding dresses that are light and airy.


Sweetheart beach wedding dresses

A sweetheart neckline is flattering for most brides, which is probably why it’s one of the most popular bodice styles. It can create, or accentuate, the

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Where do you start when it comes to picking the color palette for your wedding day? Because of Pinterest, many brides have multiple ideas for what they want their wedding to look like. However, often times having all of the different pictures and wedding dresses thrown at you can be overwhelming and it's hard to know where to start.


Here are 6 options for the perfect palette:


1) Consider the Season:

The time of year plays a big role in the colors you choose. You want the look of your wedding to s

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You see and hear it everywhere, what wedding dresses and styles look best on you. What compliments your shape well and helps you look and feel your best. Let's face it, we all come in all different shapes and sizes so there is a style out there perfect for each one of us. This topic is obviously the most important to think about in regards to the most important dress you'll wear, your wedding dress. With all those different wedding dress styles out there, it may be difficult to know which one wi

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A wedding is a special day, not only for the happy couple, but also for the families that are there to love and support the marriage. One of the most important steps to dressing the wedding party is choosing a dress for the mother of the bride. Keep a few steps for how to choose a dress for mother of the bride in mind, so she looks beautiful on her daughter's special day.


 The first step to choosing a dress for the mother of the bride is considering her personal style and how she likes to dress.

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Wedding gowns are available in a wide range of designs. Every bride wants to find a dress style that enhances her look for her wedding reception. Trumpet wedding dresses have become very popular in the market as they can add magnificent appeal and attraction in brides and make wedding ceremonies memorable and beaming.

Trumpet wedding dresses also called mermaid wedding dresses, are shaped like mermaid. Such a gown creates a tight and fitted look, which will display every curve. Trumpet wedding dr

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Prom is a very important period in a young girl's life. Every girl wants to shining in her prom dresses and wants all eyes to be on her. They deem this occasion of crucial importance for they get one good excuse to dress in the best and the most stunning evening gowns that shows off their tastes on fashion and their distinct personalities. For that they need to go shopping and buy a dress that speaks volumes about their sense of style.


Generally speaking, most prom dresses follow the trend of be

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Many brides start fantasizing about the best wedding gown long before they are even employed. Choosing the right wedding gown is vital since it’s the one day that all eyes will be you. A dress that is beautiful without being too ostentatious and is also complementary to your figure will ensure that you’re seeking your best on your big day. With a lot of type, color and fabric choices available, selecting the perfect wedding dresses can be quite a difficult task but fortunately most brides just u

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The process of choosing on what to do with your dress after the wedding is similar to how you picked it up before the wedding takes place. Some brides even vacuum seal their dress because the sentimental value and attachment they have developed in that short period of time of being together is just understandable. Although the bad side of this is that for those brides who just seal their wedding dresses and put it in a dark corner of their closet is that those gowns will even be forgotten. Still

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There are several decisions you can make early in the planning process to cut wedding costs, such as the number of guests you invite. Other decisions can be made as you go along if you discover that your wedding expenses are going to exceed your total budget, Here are some areas you can elicit the help of people you know rather than hiring professionals and other suggestions for how to cut wedding costs.


1 Begin by cutting down the wedding list. The bigger your guest list, the higher the expense

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One event you wish to make memorable is prom night as it concludes your college life, if you are not planning further studies. Every girl wants to look her best in the perfect wedding dresses, so choose from a variety of dresses online, where you can compare and buy the best one according to your taste.


Extra time and thought should be given before buying a prom dress, also you should be aware of the styles and colors which suit the shape of your body.


Decide the style you would like to wear and

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It is important to note that plastic bags are never a good choice for long-term storage of any garment. Short term is fine, but over time, plastic bags contain chemicals that break down and can stain or scent yo ur garment. Even if you do not detect an odor or stain, the chemicals can still seep into the wedding dresses and when you do take it to be dry cleaned, the chemicals for cleaning will combine with the plastic’s chemicals and can ruin the dress.

1 Fold the wedding gown carefully, without

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You’ve been waiting for wedding night all year. You deserve to enjoy yourself in this pivotal moment in your high school experience. You want to make sure that you look beautiful. Your wedding dresses can be from top designers or your favorite local shop. Just make sure your are happy with the wedding dress you choose.


Here I will give you some conception of wedding dresses in different styles. That will help you to choose which style wedding dresses will proper fit with you.


Long wedding dresse

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Plus size brides and bubbly brides tend to suffer a lot with limited choice of wedding dresses to wear on their most important occasion.


Choosing a bridal gowns takes considerable amount of time ranging from few days to few months. It requires more amount of time and attention while choosing the mermaid wedding dresses for plus size bride. Fatty and pulpy brides need to be more cautious about selecting the right bridal wear that brings good level of comfort, perfectly suit with their physique, a

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Have you ever considered holding a sunset wedding? If you are planning sunset wedding, you must be looking for wedding dresses. Your sunset wedding could take place in the mountain or on the beach or in the tropical garden and if you like it could on a cruise. The style and color of your bridal gowns change with the change of venue. Generally speaking any sunset color is appropriate. You can select your color according to your preference and the venue you choose.


While you are planning a sunset

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Few things are more beautiful and magical than a winter wedding. The summer season is filled with the stereotypical "dream wedding," but it's easy to overlook the options and individuality of a winter wedding.

Let's take a look at how a winter wedding can make your big day one to remember for the ages.

Why a winter wedding?

There are several reasons you might opt to have your special day during the winter. The most simple reasons? Perhaps you or your sweetie don't like the heat. Or maybe winter is

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They say weddings are all about the brides than the grooms. This is because most brides normally want everything to go their way.


Weddings are now more popular than ever and because of this, wedding dresses designers are presented with the challenge to keep on coming up with new wedding dresses designs every once in a while. No bride wants to walk down the isle with the same dress design that the girl next do or one of their friends got married to. This is largely because every bride has differe

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