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When a Bride has decided on a Bridal dress and Bridal shawl she is at ease and relieved. A major part of her Bridal preparations are taken care of. Brides realize the shawl very often becomes a focal point to her wedding dress and overall appearance as a bride. An attractive white wedding shawl  maybe an Ivory bridal shawl enhances her appearance, looks fabulous in pictures and makes her cozy and confident in her appearance on the most important day of her life.


Yours Elegantly has an array of b

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If we shopping obsessed women could magically figure our where to buy Warm Shawls for Fall Winter, Cashmere Pashmina, Discounted Spring & Summer Shawls, Pashmina & Silk on Sale so we can buy more for less money and enjoy huge savings life would be great. However, in real life we need to do hours of research of online sites, peruse their products, consider quality, shipping & customer service, That is all too time consuming and often we are stuck with having to make returns. We would love to find

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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a great opportunity for me to introduce you all about our traditional family company. Our family & village have long history of making craft thing like embroidery. In the modern time, since 1997, our company start making handbag with traditional materials which are bamboo, rattan, mother of pearl ( seashell), buffalo horn. First 4 years, we sold for local shops in Hanoi, Vietnam. We started exporting handmade handbags since 2001 & established company in 2005.

Have you ever
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Fastest Selling Women’s Accessory - Evening Wraps and Women’s Evening Shawls! Beautiful & Affordable Fashion Evening Wraps for Women in Silver, Gold, Navy, Ivory, Black & Dark Brown are the fastest selling women’s accessories online as every ladies wardrobe needs these must have wrap colors to be fashionable, beautiful & complete.


Online shawls & scarves stores keep fashion shawls wraps & scarves in latest fashion trends for women. The fashion shawls wraps are unique, designer and affordable at c

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Bridal Renaissance - VJ B AUTUMN/WINTER2010

Bridal Renaissance is a collection dedicated to contemporary Indian Bride who is liberated yet traditional. She is experimental with her wedding ensembles yet she appreciates age old Indian Crafts and Heritage clothing.

Silhouettes inspired from the clothing and draping styles of Indian Maharaja and Maharani , imparts the rich cultural significance and royal elegance to the story .

Baroque opulence in form of elaborate hand work embroidery motifs in Zardozi ( Art of embroidery using Gold threads)
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When I think of a Christmas Gift I think of a beautiful Pashmina - Pashmina Shawl Wrap even a Pashmina Cape Wrap or Ruana. Pashmina Scarves in Pashmina & silk with paisley designer elegance is on my mind. I want my Cashmere Pashmina Unique Gifts for Women to be affordable yet unique for Christmas and other occasions/events.

My favorite gift to receive for Christmas is possibly a Cashmere Scarf. My boy friend loves Plaid Cashmere Scarves. A Solid Cashmere Scarf in red, black, navy, brown, ivory w

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“Fashion and trends are depictive of the times that we live. Right now the recession has led designers to make very commercial collections that will sell. My personal style is based on comfort and affordability. My style is kind of bohemian artist. Comfortable clothes are key when you are an artist. I wear clothing that I am not afraid to get dirty. I do a lot of hand dying, and my job requires me to paint, so I don’t want to worry about ruining expensive clothing. I can mark out several materia
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Pashmina Scarf Pashmina Scarves Pashmina Silk Sale


If you are a discerning shopper looking for Pashmina Scarves shop the wide selection of Pashmina Scarf at and avail of 50% -70% off sale pricing plus a gift.

Enjoy Pashmina Scarves in solid colors that are seasonal for spring summer fall & winter. Buy beautiful Pashmina Paisley Scarves from India & Nepal. Heavenly Pure Pashmina in Designer weaves and styles that will amaze you with artistry and workmanship of the artisans.

Pashmina is the magic word when it comes to Women

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Wondering Where to buy Ladies Shawls & Scarves, Ladies Tunics, Designer Discounted Jewelry & Bags try Yours Elegantly an online Retail and Wholesale site that sets a new shopping trend.

Yours Elegantly is an online Retail & Wholesale Scarves and Shawls Site that is known for its Cashmere Pashmina, Silk Shawls, Evening Shawls, Evening Wraps, Wedding, Bridal & Bridesmaids Shawls, Pashmina Shawls , Cashmere Shawls, Cashmere Scarves, Fashion Shawls & Scarves, Ladies Scarves, Hand Painted Shawls, Desi

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Young designers—at the risk of insulting you, it amazes me how many of you don’t have the first clue about buying fabrics. I mean, your fabrics are the cornerstone of your designs and making sure you can get your hands on them for production before you make your samples, is essential. Why did you create that beautiful dress with a yard of novelty fabric that you picked up at the flea market last summer? Do you think that the 100 yards you need for production will just apparate magically? Praying

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You can buy Pashmina from any store but the team at goes through great effort to get Pashmina from The Land of Pashminas namely India and Nepal from the factory direct mostly, to offer them to their customers at deep discounts.


Looking for Pashmina in Solid / Designer Paisley Weaves at Up To 70% off pricing which is close to wholesale pricing without the retail markups plus Free Shipping and a Gift? Look no further is the online pashmina site with ele

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Chiffon Shawls are popular Evening Shawls evening wraps as well as perfect for day wear. Chiffon is so light, airy and has a beautiful drape. That is why women love Chiffon Wraps! They are an in fashion accessory to add that touch of class to any outfit. Chiffon shawls make beautiful affordable spring shawls & summer Shawls.

Yours Elegantly is an online chiffon shawl wrap scarf site that has elegant dressy formal chiffon shawls in many colors at an affordable up to 70% off sale price plus a custo

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The alluring Cashmere Scarf is popular. Women and men love cashmere scarves for the soft comfort and delightful warmth they exude. Cashmere scarves can be budget cashmere scarves, mid range cashmere scarves and luxurious expensive cashmere scarves depending on the quality of the cashmere, the country of origin like Nepal, India, Inner Mongolia, Italy, or England and the ply or layers determining thickness of the scarf.


Women’s Cashmere Scarves are popular in pink, blue, beige, back, white, ivory,

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Silk Scarves Shawls and Wraps, Designer Silk Chiffon Silk Evening Shawls &Wraps on Sale at Yours Elegantly! Why? Because Women crave this fashion Scarf Shawl Wrap at an affordable sale price.



It is just amazing as to why women love the feel of silk scarves. Silk Scarves Wrap Shawls are en vogue in designer elegant styles and every fashionable woman has a closet full of them. Yet more silk scarves, silk wraps and silk shawls are craved by stylish women who understand what an important and easy

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I am a true fashion Diva and love to shop. My passion is for collecting the most unique elegant and affordable shawls, wraps and scarves. My online shawl site to visit time and time again for myself and for gifts for my lady friends and family is Up to 70% off and a gift is delightful!

Beautiful evening wraps, designer silk scarves, unique hand painted scarves & wraps, Pashmina is a hot favorite of mine for casual and dressy wear.

I detest spending a fortune as I know how to

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I know what women want. Having researched the women's fashion trends for a few years now, the conclusion reached is women desire Shawls & Scarves for all seasons to accessorize and add that touch of class to any outfit be it designer formal or casual chic. Designer Scarves, Hand Painted Silk Shawls & Scarves, amazing silk wraps for women for evening wear at up to 70% off and a gift is a sweet deal that many women would crave. They find satisfaction in shopping at that offe

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Spring Summer Scarves Shawls Wraps are fun and easy to buy online as the choice of stores is wide and the prices very competitive.I love the Hand Painted Scarves Shawls and Wraps as they are very unique at as they will do any design from $34.99 up and a monogram.Love it!

Silk chiffon scarves and pashminas start at $9.99 up as they have an up to 70% off sale and a gift.

Points to keep in mind for a designer elegant casual summer scarf or an elegant evening summer scarf:

* Try

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15x15 Patchwork With Prestige

Introducing Danish designer label 15x15 by BuskvadumA unique concept created from exclusive leftover designer silk fabrics, all unique, all numbered by hand.15x15 has been sold with immense success in Europe, the press loves it and customers are queing up to get their favorite piece . . .A new concept on a traditional garment, the tunic, by the Danish design house Buskvadum.The style is from exclusive leftover designer silk fabrics from couture houses throughout the fashion world, all numbered b
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Hi I have a New Store at Blue Ridge Blvd K'CMO swt B and We will also be opening 2 more this year we are looking for Clothes and Other merchadise to sell there and on our New website that is currently being constructed is you have some Clothes that you would like to sell to us Wholesale or is you would like Adench LLC to repersente you company and get you design in ourstore and other store You can leave me a messege on this network or Contact me at or you can may also cal
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"Be*ing" Creative

“Be*ing” creative requires a state of fluid e.motion to bring inspiration into form.The experiment with Nuno felting came about during a conversation with some friends and the opportunity to test run this concept came “alive” overnight. Things happen quickly when it is meant to be, whether we choose it or not. Our “gifts “ show up, suddenly, appearing out of the blue and it’s here, requiring actions. The mixed media piece of wearable design consists of using wool fleece Nuno on silk that has bee
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