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To reduce the number of traffic jams and congestion on the roads of the Moscow Region, the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov in 2020 initiated the opening of assistance centers for road accidents in several municipalities in the region.


To reduce the number of traffic jams and congestion on the roads of the Moscow Region, the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov initiated the opening of an accident assistance center in several municipalities in the region in 2020.


One of the

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News on the obligation to wear a helmet

Anyone who drives an electric scooter and is over 18 years old is not obliged to use a helmet. At least until the Highway Code says otherwise. But it is certainly not a mayor who can impose on an adult the protection in the head to circulate in the city by this means.


In a nutshell, this is the content of the ruling [1] with which the TAR of Florence deemed illegitimate the order of the first citizen of the Tuscan capital, Dario Nardella, who had imposed on electric scooter drivers to wear helme

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The Montoir-de-Bretagne school service provides children in the municipality who take the bus with safety vests.


"School transport is provided by Stran. For many years, the town has participated by providing financial support to families but also by putting municipal agents on board buses. They ensure compliance with safety rules and accompany the youngest children. In this continuity and noting that many bus stops are located in sometimes dimly lit areas, we have decided to equip each student w

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Highway distractions cause pedestrian accidents

It is during the night hours and the fall and wintertime that the most accidents involving drivers and pedestrians are reported, according to a Hillsboro police officer.


In Washington County alone, 11 deaths were reported in 2018 and seven in 2019 of pedestrians struck by vehicles.


Officer Ernesto Villaraldo recommends not trusting and always being alert if you go out for a walk or run in your neighborhood.


He also recommends wearing a safety vest or clothing with reflectors or using lights when

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It is sometimes difficult to circulate by bike in the city center in Angers. To help Angevins gain confidence, the town hall is making a bicycle guide full of tips available online and in print.


Mobility week is next week. And to help Angevins get started on a bike right away, the City has created a guide to feel at ease on two wheels. The idea is simple: remember the few basic safety instructions. It is available on rue de la gare at the Vélo Cité agency, and online. Like the "cyclist's kit" wi

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As a pedestrian you pay a fine for everything

According to the St. Gallen canton police, there is often a lack of clarity as to what rights and obligations pedestrians have in traffic. They provide clarity in a recently published guide.


Where do pedestrians have right of way?

People who are on foot in road traffic have right of way on pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, and footpaths that are marked with a blue mandatory sign. Every child knows: "I have right of way on the pedestrian crossing!" But suddenly crossing the street on a pedestrian c

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Attention driver! It's slippery on the roads!

Police urge drivers to be careful. The road surface may turn into an "ice rink". It can cause falling snow or freezing rain. Even though the road services will be on standby, we should be especially careful.


These conditions can be extremely troublesome in the evening and the morning. The speed limit signs on the road refer to good weather conditions. In the case of their deterioration, the speed should also be reduced.


A dangerous collision with the protective barrier occurred yesterday around

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Be careful with e-scooter trips in winter

In the past year, e-scooters have established themselves as an additional alternative in local transport in many cities - despite the corona pandemic. "During the hard lockdown phases, people were less on the move, which the e-scooter rental companies also felt," said Frank Schneider, mobility expert at the TÜV Association (VdTÜV). "Also, mobility behavior has changed in general. Many people are currently avoiding local public transport for fear of infection with Covid-19." Instead, they are inc

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School District Cancels Events Amid Threat

A Medina County school district canceled a basketball game and a winter dance because of an undisclosed threat directed at its high school. Cloverleaf Local Schools Superintendent Daryl Kubilus sent a private alert to the school community Saturday saying the game and dance had been canceled after consulting with the county sheriff's office. A community recreation center near the high school was evacuated Saturday afternoon during a volleyball tournament. The district's website said it would rema

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Rain and snow alternate does not make driving easier, especially in the morning and evening, when the temperature fluctuates around zero.


Unfortunately, we do not have any impact on weather conditions, but by complying with traffic rules, responsible behavior as well as appropriate equipment of our vehicle, we can increase our safety.


Chorzów police officers explain the circumstances of a road incident that occurred yesterday morning on a flyover. According to preliminary findings, a 21-year-old

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3M Poland has become one of the signatories of the Declaration on the development of a safety culture in rail transport, developed by the Office of Rail Transport. The goal of the project is an appropriate level of accident prevention and permanent improvement in rail transport safety.


In July this year, during an official ceremony organized by the Office of Rail Transport, thirty-six representatives of the railway market and various organizations and enterprises signed a Declaration on the deve

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There have been decades since it happened, but as the date approaches every year, the memories of what happened return and bring with it powerful emotions.


"For the full month I dread that date," he said. "The day of, I drive and I try to do my normal things, but it doesn't seem easy."


Years ago, Joe struck a pedestrian with his car in St. John's metro area. The pedestrian died from their injuries. Joe asked The Telegram not to use his real name for fear of causing more pain to the family.


It wa

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Recycled helmets and uniforms without airbag

While the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) strives to ask motorists to use safe equipment - with thick jackets with airbags, gloves, and Kevlar or thick fabric pants and motorcycle boots - as this reduces injuries between 33% and 50%, the Civil Guard Traffic Group, meanwhile, keeps its agents that protect the safety of Spanish roads more and more unprotected.


Recycled helmets of other agents, motorcycle uniforms without airbags or poles are so worn that they have reflective fabric and worn s

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How to become more visible in the dark

"In winter, the number of accidents involving pedestrians increases. This is because it gets dark earlier, and it becomes much more difficult to see people on the road. Dark things on pedestrians are the main problem," says auto blogger Vladislav Antonov.


"Most of the fatal accidents where a person dies occur at night near pedestrian crossings. People who were hit, most often in dark clothes, in black, it’s very difficult to notice them," the expert says.


News "Today" decided to ask people about

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The State Agency for Infrastructure Projects has not yet procured reflective vests for students in grades 1-4, which Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman previously publicly announced.


As Ukrinfraproekt responded to an information request from Ukrainian News, in 2019, 1.72 million students should be provided with vests.


"After the Ukrinfraproekt procedure for the purchase of reflective elements based on technical documentation provided by the program executors, vests will be transferred to the progr

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Croatia is one of the seaside destinations among Czech tourists, with almost half of them traveling to the Adriatic with their car. As far as you are concerned, note - Croatia is tightening traffic regulations this year. When is the perfect time to go on a holiday to the Adriatic and where to go?




Every year most Czechs go on holiday to the sea to Croatia. This year it is expected that the current record of about 850 thousand visitors to the Adriatic will be exceeded. Almost half of

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Minnesota ice anglers who have spent $ 10,000 or more on their wheelhouse ice fishing shelters will need to pony up another $ 15 plus issuing fees for a Department of Natural Resources ice shelter license. Even though it's on wheels state law says it's not considered a portable shack. The license cost is $ 37 for non-residents.


The DNR last week reminded anglers that all non-portable ice shelters, including wheelhouse towable models, must be licensed. Only shelters that collapse, fold or are dis

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Beware of Halloween costumes that compromise safety

Here's a Halloween warning you've probably never thought about: Your child’s bulky or puffy costume might pose a serious safety hazard when riding in his or her car seat. Consumer Reports explains how to keep your child safe from this and other Halloween costume dangers.


A child shouldn't wear a puffy costume underneath a car-seat harness, because that can add space and make the harness too loose. There will be more room for the child to move during a crash, potentially even outside the protecti

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Pedestrians are supposed to wear reflective tape elements on the roads at night, unfortunately the young man (27) did not have to pay for it. A car hit him at Sezimovo Usti. The man ended up with serious injuries in the hospital. The case is being investigated by the police seeking witnesses.


On Sunday night, the police rode out for a serious traffic accident in which a young man's Fiat Multipla car crashed near Sezimovo Usti shortly after three o'clock in the morning.


"According to the investig

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Football in the yard is interrupted at the first sign of the approaching garbage truck. Wide eyes, index finger pointed up, and even a few shouts of incomprehensible words. It is in this way, full of sincere admiration, that Vitor Hugo de Matos Moraes, two and a half years old, welcomes the workers of the company that collects the waste on his street, in Vila Costa e Silva, Sarandi neighborhood, northern Porto Alegre.


"He may be sleeping, listening to loud music, it doesn't matter." You know the

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