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When people reach middle age, we wear clothes no longer simply to look good, but hope to foil our temperament through clothes, not only to be comfortable and decent, but also to reduce the vitality of the age, at the same time can not lose texture.

What be worth mentioning is, what middle-aged woman pursues reduces age feeling is not strong concave girl person is set, when wearing the clothes that accords with oneself age temperament however, can let oneself look intellectual sedate do not break

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After May Day is the hot summer, the partners have been ready?

I don't know the sisters in the north are ready, anyway, we have been in the south for a long time in summer, the temperature is very high in summer, it is really difficult for some places with high temperature, after the air conditioning off the sweat on the body can draw a map on the sheets. No, xiaobian has a sense of picture.

So in summer, as the most important girls or clothes on the body, after all, in summer, there are certainly

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In hot summer, many girls will tie their hair, but basically they will be used to tie it with rubber bands. In fact, a very popular way to tie hair now is to use silk scarves to tie hair, which can not only serve as an ornament, but also improve your fashion sense and look full of feminine taste.

Now a lot of tide and the actress will use silk scarves to hair ornament, just random hair up, will make you look the temperament of the whole person, woman flavour, full saw Cecilia liu of the firm hair

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Stainless steel jewelry-2021 jewelry trending

In previous style jewelry as well as accessories exhibits, there are several materials and also design styles of style pendants. Among them, stainless-steel jewelry is additionally more preferred in the last few years, and it is also a kind of material with a relatively high level of recognition. Specifically this year, stainless steel jewelry has received broad honor.

What are the advantages of stainless steel precious jewelry?

A lot of the stainless steel accessories are constructed from 304 an

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Super practical summer wear

A lot of people think that summer is a good match, but it's not, if you are looking for personality, then you can use those designs to build, but if you are practical, use the conventional style to match, then, this is a test of our skills. Simple basic items, seemingly nothing new, it is easy to present a very mediocre image and a strong sense of pedestrian wear. But, in the eyes of those who can match, each piece has its own unique charm.

The key of wearing is to wear rather than wear. The styl

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Elegant and figure-hugging dresses

Shorts can be considered to occupy the C-suite in summer, wearing them without burden, without any sense of constraint in the movement of the legs, and secondly, to enhance the coolness of the look and meet the hot weather. However, shorts are not without their flaws, they are still not sufficient for an elegant interpretation of charm and can reveal problems such as thick legs and short legs. Mature women can wear less shorts and more dresses, and put some thought into the selection of models s

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Every time I turn over the miscellaneous items, I will be cured. When I look at the clothes of the models, there is always a kind of effortless beauty. It is written from head to toe that they are relaxed, and they match every single piece very simply.

Of Japanese magazine wear take a style share very fine, casual restore ancient ways, literature and art small pure and fresh, commute OL to wait a moment, among them pick a person least should belong to light ripe wind.

Light mature wind is between

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In the impression of most people, French wind is more suitable for 30 plus light mature women, but as the saying goes, the age of invincibility beauty, to their temperament and figure is very confident women, even to 50 plus, can wear French wind a unique style, to show their own charm. Introduce some French wind collocation that suits older women to everybody today, each set is elegant to acme.

Relative to daily collocation, French style is very bright, let a person can lock at a glance, this an

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Every woman wants to make their own wear different, this idea is often regardless of age, but can let the older women choose the collocation of single goods is not much, so how to in the limited choice of collocation out of the bright eye, different, but can show their temperament collocation? It's a print that's about to do its job! Add your own prints to simple combinations for extra sparkle.

Of course, print isn't just a random choice. Which prints are more appropriate for older women? I'll gi

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The combination and coordination of colours is often a problem for many girls. After all, the collision of colours may create a spark of conflict or may present a harmonious effect. Many people will go with an all-black dress code for stability, but the presence of summer heat makes black look extra stuffy and not light enough. This summer you can try the gentle and sophisticated beige, which is skin tone friendly and makes it easy to be a "fashionista".

The big difference between dark and light

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Some may be plump, some may be thin, but with a three-dimensional skeleton, you can hold a piece together and wear it to the effect you want.

But not all girls have the perfect three-dimensional body, then for our kind of ordinary body girls, it can be in the dressing down article, today to introduce some can make the body more three-dimensional dressing secret, although the summer dressing simple, but careful machine but full of.

When we talk about making the body more three-dimensional, we can l

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It is easy to assume that golf isn't a very stylish sport. You typically see a lot of neutral tones worn out on the course. While golf is more about sportsmanship and skill than style, you can improve your look by making just a few simple wardrobe tweaks. Here are four ways that you can up the ante on your golf course style.

Wear a Colored, Fitted Tee

How well does your shirt conform to your body? A loose, baggy shirt can be just as unappealing as a too-tight one. Getting the right fit enhances yo

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Fashion has nothing to do with age

"Embrace red makeup, turn cui cover, shadow dark Nanpu" not only in the praise of flowers, but also in the beauty of the charming qiao. Red makeup cui cover, just look at these four words, can imagine the beautiful scene that the flower and the person reflect each other. Perhaps it is because we are still influenced by traditional culture that we have a preference for red and green color matching, especially after middle age, we are always eager to use strong color contrast to show vitality.


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How to choose hair color for the first time?

One of the most typical questions I get from my fans is: How do I choose the color of my hair when I first dye it? Can I dye my hair without bleaching it? What should I pay attention to? Let's talk about this topic.

The friends who dye hair for the first time, must be careful some, the color is good, the key is that you can dye, this is the key. Before answering your question, it is suggested to do these three things first, confirm that it can be dyed, and then it is not late, so as to avoid prob

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In the impression of most people, French wind is more suitable for 30 plus light mature women, but as the saying goes, the age of invincibility beauty, to their temperament and figure is very confident women, even to 50 plus, can wear French wind a unique style, to show their own charm. Introduce some French wind collocation that suits older women to everybody today, each set is elegant to acme.

Relative to daily collocation, French style is very bright, let a person can lock at a glance, this an

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Fashion bloggers mix fine summer clothes

Personal appearance can be decorated through clothes, not only to improve the charm index, but also to create a very advanced image and a very elegant effect. Mature female is dressed, avoid to choose cheap dress or it is the sheet that does not have simple sense to taste, can choose to borrow the following a few groups of collocation, show a natural one side, in not act young, below the circumstance that does not dress up as tender sedately, the United States gets very atmosphere.

Early sleevele

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With any hair colouring product, colour will fall out when you wash your hair after colouring, but normally you won't feel it yourself, the loss of pigment fades away unnoticed. If you feel significant colour loss every time you wash your hair, something is definitely wrong in one of these three areas

The first: colour loss when shampooing after having dyed red or purple

Some colours, such as freshly dyed reds and purples, will fall out every time you shampoo them. Bluish and greenish colours will

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The Womenswear Catwalk Analysis of Chanel


The CHANEL Cruise 2021/22 collection by Virginie Viard is inspired by Jean Cocteau's film Testament of Orpheus(1960). The filming spot is also the place of this catwalk -- the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence. The hand-drawn white starry pattern also comes from Jean Cocteau, the friend of brand founder Coco Chanel. And the preview poster is exactly the letter from Cocteau to Coco.


Evoking the simplicity, precision and poetry of Jean Cocteau's film Testament of Orpheus, the CHANEL Cru

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If you are going for a head shot, one of the most important tips is to not make the common mistake of over-focusing on the eyes. In a photo, the eyes take up the majority of the photo's frame, and when people are trying for that perfect shot, they often end up over-thinking this. Remember that photos are not made of frames; they are made of images. Therefore, if you want your image to stand out, you need to keep the focus off of the eyes.

Another common mistake that people make in their headshot

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