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The love of the Indian women for the jewelry is famous worldwide. Earlier the jewelry was confined to traditional functions like marriages, thread ceremony, etc. but of late the jewelry designers have revamped the approach and appeal of precious metal jewelry and the some jewelry ornaments like earrings and tops same can now be worn on the youth oriented events like college fests, youth parties etc. What’s more these are now also worn as a part of office wear.

But you need to be considerate about

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Tips on How to Wear Jhumki Earrings

When it comes to jewelry, the whole industry is immensely vast and houses a lot of variety in it. There a lot of different options for even just one occasion and it can be quite a dilemma trying to decide from among them all. For each part of the body, one can find a lot of range in styles, materials, designs, and more with extreme ease. Necklaces for the neck, maang- tikka for the hair, rings for hands, anklets for ankles, kamarbandh for the waist, earrings for the ears and for any other part t

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Inside the Oscars Dressing Game

Stylist Leslie Fremar breaks down how she worked with brands and her celebrity clients — including Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon — to build the looks they wore on the red carpet at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

8858649867?profile=original Julianne Moore wears custom-designed round hoop earrings wholesale Chanel to attend the 88th Academy Awards. Also with amazing white luxury bracelets wholesale.

HOLLYWOOD, United States — Each year, between November and February, luxury fashion houses look to Los Angeles

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New York department store Bergdorf Goodman is taking consumers inside its recently renovated jewelry department with help from Linda Fargo.


8843569886?profile=originalImage include fargo jewelry and beautiful earrings wholesale

In a blog post, Ms. Fargo, the retailer’s fashion director and senior vice president of visual presentation, gives consumers a sneak peek of the revamped space. Given Ms. Fargo’s creative role in the renovations and the selection of pieces on display, she is a suitable ambassador for the jewelry dep

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Cate Blanchett Struts Through Awards Season

An occasional Armani model, she’s in Chanel one night, Yacine Aouadi the next.


Although she can be a chameleon on screen, convincingly playing Elizabeth I or Bob Dylan, Cate Blanchett is a touch more predictable on the red carpet, typically favoring elegant cuts, often in black and often by Armani Privé.


8843564667?profile=original                                                       Image: wholesale silver earring

But this year Ms. Blanchett has been exploring a range of designers, according to her longtime stylist, Eliz

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5 Types of Earrings Every Girl Must Have

Earrings are one of the most common yet most loved of accessories for girls. A nice pair of earrings that suit the occasion can bring a glow to the whole look. It is preferred by women to keep several types of earrings at hand to match their dress. Having a large collection of earrings to oneself is always a great idea as accessories can really add on to whatever look you want to adopt, whether it be for a special evening or a formal meeting. You can also buy designer earrings online at affordab

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Should You Go For Diamond Earrings With Style

Diamond earrings really are a great addition to help any woman's jewelry collection. They have always been in fashion and demand among women. They've kept their standing since many sought after for their brilliance, style, and ability to fit everything. Diamonds are so shiny and sparkly, which is why the women just can't withstand owing even only one small diamond ring or a set of earrings.

Diamond earrings are a valuable fashion investment. They will make the consumer feel stylish, trendy, and e

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Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Working Women

We know finding the right dress and accessories for office is very difficult. Working women all over the globe always search for ideas to organize their wardrobe and add up the things which can be teamed up with your working wear. We are here to help you. Discover the top 10 things every working woman must have in wardrobe here:

1. Fitted T-shirts

You must have at least 3 pairs of tees in basic colours like white, black and grey in your wardrobe. Fitted t-shirts look great with jackets. They can a

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http://groomsadvice.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/round-four-prong-basket-diamond-stud-earrings.pnground-four-prong-basket-diamond-stud-earrings.pnground-four-prong-basket-diamond-stud-earrings.pngEarrings are quite special to every woman and thus you can gift your partner with the same. These earrings can be of varied types and thus you can get the freedom of choosing the best one. In this case, you got to have a thorough idea about the tastes and preferences of your partner so that you can choose the right one. You can now buy earrings online from any reputed jewellery brand and thus you

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There are almost endless options when it comes to the choice of earrings. You will come across scores of options and find it extremely difficult to find the best one for you. Your hairstyle is however one factor that can help you determine the most pleasing jewelry for yourself.


Types of Earrings

Some of the main categories are as following:

  • Teardrops
  • Dangles
  • Hoops
  • Studs
  • Huggies
  • Clusters
  • Chandeliers

Almost all ear-rings will fall into these main categories. If you pursue more flexibility, hoops, studs and

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There will be nothing more effective for your looks than wearing jewelry that perfectly reflects your personality. The kind of person you are – outgoing or introvert, showy or reserved, the kind of activities you engage in, and your personal likes and dislikes are going to play a crucial role in what bling you should choose to wear.

Wear Jewelry for your Work

What you do is one factor in deciding what you should wear for jewelry. If your work requires using your hands constantly for manual work, a

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Fashion is an integral part of all our lives. May be the inclination to fashion might vary from person to person, but we all love to dress up and look good. We all want to look attractive and nobody can deny that. Jewelry plays an important role in that. Especially in India, jewelry is an integral part of our fashion right from the days of ‘Maharajas’. We always had a fascination for jewelry. We love to wear a bracelet, necklace or earring. Indian earrings are elaborate and pretty. Earrings are

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Fashion is a big part of our lives however hard we try to say otherwise. We are not talking about fashion in clothes alone; we are talking about fashion in general and that includes jewellery fashion as well. India is a country with rich fashion tradition for many centuries. India has seen centuries of ruling by Maharajas and Muslim invaders. So Indian fashion has evolved over time and incorporated good elements from all over Asia.  India is blessed to have a rich past to choose from. Kundan ear

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Trace back your steps in time as far as the beginning of the human civilization. You will find that the earliest of people used jewelry of different kinds. Its first was probably in Africa, but all the continents soon followed suit. And the use of jewelry has continued over the years almost in a similar fashion. Handmade jewelries have still remained a craze among the fashion conscious people.

The handmade jewelries are known to imitate the cultures of various places as well as races. For example

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Holidays are the best seasons to enjoy. The best seasons when one can delve into endless enjoyment. There might be various things, which you can need during the holidays. The primary aim should always be to make the holidays as enjoyable as possible. And for that, you might have to deck yourself up to make the most of the situation. You might have to use the best jewelry or the accessories, which can help to make you look amazing. Or you can also plan to present some gift to your close ones duri

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Styling a Punjabi Salwar Kameez

Punjabi salwar kameez are mostly worn in north India, especially in the state of Punjab. Women there wear them as part of their daily life and for special occasions. This garment has now become popular across the country and there are many new and trendy variations of the classic Punjabi salwar. It has been prominently featured in Bollywood movies and this has greatly increased its style and glamour quotient. These are a few tips for styling Punjabi salwar kameez:


  1. Opt for heavy and traditional In

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A nice feature of this collection is that it is affordable for the woman of every standard.  Jewelry is always considered as an important accessory for the women and girls as its demand even in the ancient times made it worthy.
Wearing jewelry is the most famous and the most favorite hobby of all the ladies all around the world. The style and designs of jewelry is totally depends on your own taste and nature.
It is very traditional jewelry and on the same time it is very trendy and stylish too. Th

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Party time!

8858625496?profile=originalParty time! see the whole ensemble here: http://fashionrooftop.com/iwant.htm

featuring NARCES dress, Jewelry available at HAMILTON JEWELERS, Oscar de la Renta Shoes, earrings by Keelin Brett, LashControl mascara and more..

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Most Popular Women’s Jewelry

We all are well aware about the love of women for jewelry. There can be no woman across the globe whose heart won’t melt at the sight of dazzling jewelry. Let’s learn about the most popular pieces of jewelry worn by the women.


The rings have the power to give instant make over to the hands of the wearer. They have created their own niche in the world of jewelry as they hold special place at the time of engagement and the wedding. The most popular styles of rings are solitaire rings, halo

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From the ancient times jewellery are worn to enhance the beauty. It also acts as a status symbol and as a cultural representation. From different look to investment, people love to wear jewellery for variety of reasons. There are various types of jewellery available in the market like Silver jewellery, Golden jewellery, Pearl jewellery etc. Among all diamond jewellery has it’s own unique importance.

Diamond jewellery is the fascinating thing in the world which show your inherent beauty and class.

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