Light test for road safety

For 60 years, the light test has been available, in which drivers and drivers can check the lighting system of their car for free in a workshop of the motor vehicle guild. They will also receive a reflective vest for safety. Many blenders are still on our streets. In the light test of the previous year, 35 per cent of all vehicles tested were found in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Therefore the Nickel calls all drivers to participate in the light test 2016. "Especially in the dark season it is important to see and be seen," says Heinz Hendricks. "Therefore, in October, you should take the opportunity to check the lighting system of the vehicle for free."

Traffic Watching Calls for Light Test and reflective clothing test.

On the Internet site you can quickly get the contact details of the next master company through the entry of your own postal code. In the light test in the workshop, the function and setting of the headlights are then checked in order to exclude the dazzling of the oncoming traffic. Experts are also taking a close look at the limits and parking lights, brake lights, rear lights, hazard warning lights, direction indicators and rear fog lamps. Smaller defects are immediately and free of charge.

"Good light not only protects the drivers. This also improves the traffic safety of unprotected traffic such as pedestrians and cyclists ", explains Heinz Hendricks. In the dark months, however, the latter can also 'visualize' themselves by means of bright clothing or reflective materials. Thus, people with a vest, armbands or trailers made of reflective materials are usually perceived by drivers at a distance of 150 meters at dusk. On the other hand, a darkly dressed person is only seen at a distance of 25 meters. The light test 2016 is a joint action of the German motor vehicle industry and the German traffic police. The patron is the Federal Minister of Transport. In order to draw the attention of the traffic participants to the light test, numerous traffic guards have hung up tensioning tapes on busy streets, which advertise the test.

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