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This is called coming to a CROSSROAD! When faced with a big decision on which career coaching path to take. You know each option will take you down a completely different road. They both look good, both have their positives and risks but which is the RIGHT one for YOU?You know that you certainly don’t want to take the wrong one and half way down that career coaching path realise it was a mistake and you should have taken the other road. Or you’re stuck on one and regret throwing the other opportunity away…What happens when you come to a cross road in your career like this is that you STOP in FEAR of making the wrong choice so you just put if off. You have no energy, inspiration or drive to move forth because until you know which path to pursue exactly you think will you then give it your all. This is called being in career limbo land!The problem with this is that it freezes people. They stand still saying until I know will I then go forwards full steam ahead. But by standing still they situation only gets worse because you don’t find your answers by hanging back.Instead of waiting until you know be committed that you will find your answers. This takes all the pressure off and instead of standing still go out there and start gathering some facts about your options. This you need to RESEARCH. Both yourself to first sit down and map out your strengths and what makes you happy and you enjoy doing most in life. Then find out others who have gone down each of your career path options. Enquire about the opportunities that are actually there for you.This process can often eliminate a path or choice or show you exactly what is along that road for you that before you weren’t aware of but now helps you discover if it’s for you or not.Be creative in searching for the right career coaching path for you. If you don’t think you’re currently in it make sure you do your best work in the job you are in as this will both help you learn what you need to learn in that role and the better you do the more opportunities will open up for you. Perhaps even one that was right in front of your nose but you just couldn’t see it because you were questioning too much why you are where you are.Remember that at the end of the day sometimes both career options are so good that we just have to choose one. That choosing one is better than standing still.We make opportunities and good fortune for ourselves. How do we do this? When preparation meets opportunity. You will only see the opportunities when you’ve prepared and have done your best ‘in the now’.If you need help in choosing the right career path for you contact us to find out about our Career Coaching Programs today!For more career and life coaching information contactLife Coach : Jacqueline PigdonTel No : +61 (0) 404 362 379Email :

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