Masaba Gupta eyes tier 3 cities for retail

Designer Masaba Gupta spoke to us about fashion and her personal style statement on her recent visit to Indore.


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This is my first visit to Indore and I'm loving it. People here have been so welcoming. Also, I was treated to some amazing local delicacies. I have become a huge fan of the epic poha-jalebi breakfast served in Indore!" said designer Masaba Gupta, who was recently in Indore. Commenting on the rising sense of fashion among people in tier II cities like Indore and Bhopal, the young designer shared with us, "Due to rising awareness and the advent of the internet, people are far more connected and informed in today's time. It feels really nice to see how people here are following the popular designer brands. I strongly feel that the future of retail fashion lies in tier II cities like Indore and Bhopal. With the rise in purchasing power of people, fashion will soon see an upsurge in such cities."

The atypical Masaba print has been a popular trend of late. We asked her how she came up with the quirky set of patterns and designs, and Masaba told us, "I think the idea behind most of our collections is to take everyday actions and objects and turn them into something inspiring and artistic. From a designer's point of view, it's that simple." She added, "When we set out to design my debut collection, the idea was to pick up motifs and stories from the archives and give them a young and quirky interpretation that should appeal to the consumer. Just a week after our show, the lipstick and telephone print was in the copy market! I think that counterfeiting is inevitable when it comes to design, especially apparel. Initially, I used to feel bad about it. But then, I read a quote by a popular Indian designer which said that the power of a brand lies in the strength of its copy market. If people think you are a mediocre designer, they will never copy your work. The copies make a designer stronger in reality."

Masaba, who has styled outfits for a lot of celebrities, considers Sonam Kapoor the most stylish celeb in India. She said, "When I design my clothes, I always design for a woman like Sonam Kapoor. It's because she really understands fashion and understands the emotion that goes behind it. She is truly stylish and just doesn't wear the product of someone else's imagination."

Sharing about her personal style statement, Masaba, who is often seen to keep her outfits very straight and simple, told us, "My personal style is defined by golden jewellery, contrasted with subtle shades and black. I always wear at least five rings on my fingers. I have a huge fetish for knuckle rings! You will mostly see me sticking to black and often when I am in a mood to pep up my look, I team it with some bright colour."Also Read:party dresses online

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