Lauren Moshi Joins Z Global Mart as an Exhibitor

Lauren Moshi Joins as an Exhibitor Z Global Mart, The Fashion Industry's Virtual Trade ShowFamous designer Lauren Moshi a favorite of Celebrities joins Z Global Mart, The Fashion Industry's Virtual Trade Show as an exhibitor to sell their line to wholesale buyers.Dec 09, 2009 – Lauren Moshi the famous designer favored by young celebrities joins Z Global Mart, The Fashion Industry's Virtual Trade Show, as an exhibitor to sell their new line to wholesale buyers. You can find Lauren Moshi in booth 111.

Based on their love of the finer things in life, brother and sister team, Michael and Lauren have created their own standout clothing company, Lauren Moshi. Michael and Lauren are inspired by high fashion and fine art. Lauren Moshi creates unique pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities. Every mark, every line on every piece is hand drawn by Lauren. Each garment is an original piece of artwork. The clothing is targeted towards customers who appreciate the finer details and intricate designs.

We at Z Global Mart are very excited to have such a prestigeous designer join us as we help build booths for numerous designers.Introducing Z Global Mart for Apparel ExhibitorsOur goal is to become the premiere On Line International Fashion Trade Show and hereby extend our invitation to the Exhibitors who exhibited with their booth at major trade shows. We went live on September 2, 2009 and are in the process of populating the site with design exhibitors and sourcing exhibitors, we expect to have in place around 100 exhibitors whithin the next 30 days or so. We've been interviewed by a reporter from Senken Newspaper, the largest fashion daily paper in Japan, and the big article was published on 11/16/09. We're in the process of reaching an agreement with PTEA (Pakistan Textile Exporters Association) that does around $400 billion a year to bring their sourcing members to our site. We also just reached an accord with MUDPIE the famous Fashion Trends Company from London to exchange links, banners and cross promote one an other.We all know that physical trade shows are important and are here to stay, however the costs are very high, the number of shows are too many, the cost of disruption to your business due to travel and time is high, and in these difficult times its very important to control costs which is why today's entreprenuers have to cut back on the number of shows they attend and use other avenues to maximize return on investment with a global reach. Its time for Z Global Mart your new international partner.Please take a look at our site, it has two parts, the flash side that tells you who we are and what we've created for you, then once you take the tour (its free) you can see the ecommerce side with the exhibitor booths and all their features as outlined below, just go to http://www.zglobalmart.comTHE FASHION INDUSTRY’S VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW®ByZ GlobalMartThe Fashion Industry’s Virtual Trade Show by ZGlobalMart is a B2B site for women’s apparel, men’s clothing, youth and juniors trendy getup, apparel accessories, and sourcing companies. ZGlobalMart is essentially an international fashion trade show happening on the Internet, bringing together fashion designers, sourcing companies, manufacturers, reps, distributors, importers, exporters, wholesalers from all over the world, all showcasing trade show collections, available inventory, and sourcing/services for wholesale apparel and clothing buyers, retail clothing and apparel stores, clothing and apparel boutiques, department store buyers, independent clothing and apparel retailers on a scale never before seen, open 365 days 24/7. Join us in the New Era of Fashion.Site Features:Affordable launching of lines and sourcing services worldwidePromoting on a worldwide basis all the exhibitors as they become members through press releases, social media and fashion associationsEach Exhibitor has its own Professional Numbered Booth they control, Show-casing their existing, and to be delivered itemsExhibitors and Attendees handle their own transactions, including shipping (no % of sales fees)Exhibitors and Attendees are screenedFashion Industry’s Code of Ethics in place (exhibitors can’t see other exhibitors lines)Fostering of New Talent (affordable launching of lines and Fashion Show for top 10)Video Conferencing Capabilities for the all important “Face to Face” contactExhibitors post their photo, 3 +/- minute videos of their line, with full contact informationProfessional mood shots and photos only and ability to look at detailMembership in exclusive community through zglobalmart blog (share, mentor, promote)Unique, Classy B2B site, incorporating Social Media features and ease of use qualities (not an off-price, close-out, liquidation site)No Disruption to your business through travel and the cost associated with it, be it as an exhibitor or attendeeLinks to Trade Publications, Associations, Networks, Government Agencies, Factoring CompaniesCosts: All Exhibitors, Sourcing, and Attendees receive a 60 day free trial from sign up, then they can choose as follows:Design Exhibitors: a) Month to month $500.00 cancellable; b) Yearly paid up-front $4,800 ($400 per month basis)Sourcing Exhibitors: a) Month to month $149.00 cancellable; b) Yearly paid up-front $1,188 ($99 per month basis)Attendees: a) FREEALL HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESSWe look forward to your feedback and hope to have you join us in the new era of fashion.
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