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That's So New York - I'll put my hands up and admit that I have indeed been sat indoors for a relentless amount of time so far this Summer, in-fact, I'm not even sure if I could tell you the last time I ventured out to the town centre or for a meal with friends, or perhaps even simply to attend a small get together or garden party, either way, you've probably gathered that I'm quite the couch potato, yet when you're living in a small village in England, United Kingdom and have woken to the sound of rain for countless weeks on end, I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't exactly be the first out of the door either. The bright side to my couch potato tendencies? I get to sit and tap away at my computer as I continue contacting designers in relation to my online-store launch this coming September, and on the plus side, I also get to experience the joy of a reply from that same designer, thanking me for the compliments towards his/her work whilst showing just a glimpse of appreciation. Not to mention, I'm also privileged enough to have access to a number of collections and look books which may not be hitting a particular designers website or  store for another two or three months yet; that feeling of "I know something you don't know" might just be one of the most admirable feelings in the world, despite how slightly self centered and arrogant that may sound (it wasn't meant to, yet I do tend to blurt out various sentences which come across in a slightly more abrupt manner than when considered; the next thing you know, abuse is being thrown about left, right and centre). 

Recently I've managed to spark up yet another conversation with yet another designer who I personally admire; their name? Laura Vela. Laura is a bag designer, originally from Spain, yet is currently resident in New York where her label is based. The Laura Vela label made its launch not long ago back in 2010 when Laura made the move to New York after graduating from the ESADE Business School back in Spain. In addition to Vela's education at the ESADE Business School, Laura also studied the use of leather and other textiles in Argentina, and is now currently enrolled at the Parsons School for Design. I can't help but pondering 
"How on earth does she have enough hours in a day? I mean, attending school, running a fashion label and designing? Someone needs to give this girl a medal!" right?

Despite the fact that the Laura Vela label has only been around for around one year, Vela has already debuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week over in New York whilst also grabbing a number of features among a selection of highly respected fashion sources, including the likes of WWD and Elle Magazine. Moving onto my initial reason for this post, (besides the introduction of Laura Vela) the Laura Vela Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which of-course incorporates several signature Laura Vela designs, including Vela's renowned use of animal print, followed by a slightly more recent addition to the portfolio of techniques and designs which Laura has dabbled in, studs followed by various forms of fringing in order to portray a slightly more western appeal to a piece. I've rambled enough; onto the images ... 



                                                           (Image Credit: Laura Vela)
A fine mix of both photography and accessories, if I do say so myself. 

Lastly, if you're interested in grabbing a ... (CONTINUE READING)


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