Latest Indian Fashion Trends For Men

With the arrival of modern culture, fashion and trend is gaining more and more significance in the lives of men. Fashion has now evolved equally to men as much it has to women.


Fashion trends for men are fluctuating at a rocket speed. Men are now well dressed and decked up. Nowadays, it has become a necessity for men to go with the trend and keep bringing modifications in their wardrobe with innovative, fresh, and latest fashion trends. Read on to know everything about the latest trends in the fashion industry.


Latest Indian Fashion Trends for Men in Casual Wear

With no doubt, men in casual wear look decent and smarter. It makes you very pleased and enables you to be tension-free. Have a look at these latest Indian fashion trends for men in casual wear.



Jeans can be worn throughout the year and surprisingly it never gets out of fashion. Jeans are going to stay in trend for decades. Initially, boot cuts design in jeans have been in trend but now the straight jeans have taken over the lead. In this, there are different patterns like monkey-wash jeans, crushed jeans, jeans with embroidery on the back, jeans with tints, and plain colored jeans. One should pair a nicely fitted t-shirt with jeans to outshine the casual look.

Cotton shorts & three fourths

Cotton shorts and three-fourths have been a part of women's fashion for a long, but now it is slaying in men's fashion as well. This is a terrific casual wear outfit that makes you look incredibly stylish without compromising with comfort. Nowadays, cotton shorts are very much in trend as they are very loose and comforting.

Latest Indian Fashion Trends for Men in Formal Wear

In men's Indian formal wear, one should especially look for the fit as it depicts an impression about you in terms of your work. Formal wear is considered as a face of your personality, knowledge, and style consciousness. Here's the latest Indian formal wear that is setting the trend in the fashion industry.


Classy pinstriped trousers are very much in fashion news. Although, the texture goes excellent with every color however it specifically slays the look with dark grey and black.


A coat with an ideal fitting and two buttons tucked bestows a perfect look and also leaves a lasting impression. Materials like silk and velvet are setting a new trend nowadays. Pair it with a classy shirt and tie and get ready to witness every eye turn around you.



Soft colors are setting a new trend these days. Men never used to wear light purple or pink before as they were considered girly back then. However, the time has changed, and pink has taken the lead in the hotlist. Plain shirts give you an elegant and classy look and are perfect for any formal event.


Latest Indian Fashion Trends for Men in Parties

Dress in these classy, elegant Indian outfits to jazz with the ethnic trend.

The Indian Suit

The Indian Suit is considered best for any formal occasions, parties, weddings, or any other Indian festivities. This Indian wear's a classic suit possess not much of a difference from a typical western suit. The substantial difference lies in its Indian touch. These suits are usually well embroidered and embellished with royal colors like blue, purple, maroon, and burgundy. These Indian suits are best suitable for occasions such as formal gatherings and weddings.

Nehru Jacket

The versatile Nehru jacket for the Indian man is worn like the Bandi. The extraordinary aspect of the Nehru jacket is that it comes in various cuts and styles with its design. The Nehru jacket has been in trend for a long time and is considered a must-have for every man's wardrobe for the blend of modern and ethnic look.


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