Knowing Your Purpose " My Testimony"

Greetings Everyone,I am called upon daily to join this and join that and I will make $100k in a month :(I know that God can blow on your business and in moments make you a millionaire.My back ground is nursing and before I opened my business, I worked many years as a registered nurse.Let me show you personally, the hand of God:Within 2 years I worked as a nurse under 2 services. First, I transferred from Labor & Delivery to CVICU not knowing that my earthly father had heart problems. I was unaware, because my dad NEVER told anyone, not even my mom his health condition. On my first day in the intensive care unit that I worked, I had no idea my dad was being prepped on the adjacent floor for a cardiac catheter placement. I went home that evening to receive a call from my mom, who did not drive, that dad was admitted to the very hospital that i worked at..he made the staff promise not to tell me. I go back with my mom and find out that dad's heart valve was 90% blocked and if he made it through the procedure would be a 10% chance. Well, he made it. Next, after that 2 years later, i transfer to the oncology service. Mom goes to the E.R. because she had a tooth pulled and the bleeding would not stop. Test were run and we find that her white count was abnormal, after a second opinion, we discover she had Leukemia. God had set me in place to learn and care for cancer patients, because He was removing me off my job, to care for my terminal mom :(I retire from the hospital to care for my mom, and i started a business after shopping for wigs and not satisfied with how they looked, God showed me in a dream how to make, what is now called Lace Wigs and in less than 2 years, blew my mind financially. It came from a hobby, and a talent, that God alone gave me.

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