Know All About Studded Women Leather Jacket


This leather jacket as the name implies, Women studded leather jacket is covered with neck nails or studs continued of genuine sheepskin leather.

  • Description

Women studded leather jacket specification and construction detail


  • Women studded leather jackets are made of genuine sheepskin.
  • Studded necklace
  • 3 zipped pockets on the outside
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Zipper
  • Epaulettes


  • women leather jackets is in satin lined
  • 2 inside pockets

How to choose women leather jacket

  • Choose the right size of the jacket

The jacket is worn close to the body. To be modern, a jacket does not close, although the presence of buttons. We must measure the middle of the clavicle to the other. If the measurement is 36 cm, the person wears 36. If the person is between 2 sizes, making 39 cm of middle take the larger size.

Very trendy and city, leather and faux leather come in all colors: black, gray, camel, beige, burgundy, green fir.... The blazer is the little tailor's jacket, which is not worn with the pants coordinated but rather casual. In cotton, linen or polyamide, it is a basic wardrobe.

  • The different cuts of jacket

Often short, the tailor's jacket is the ultimate cut, which can be wasted, striped or tweeted. Very trendy, the jacket can be a comfortable and loose vest. Unstructured, it can be equipped with panels. Bi material, the jacket can mix materials such as quilted mesh, suede, imitation leather, viscose or warmer and thicker fabrics like wool, acrylic, Milano mesh, merino or mohair.

  • Color variety jackets

A black jacket is the most relevant and familiar to many options, which is easy to combine with almost all elements of the wardrobe. Moreover, regardless of the formality of the exit, such a thing is ideal for many girls. Designers often call black leather jackets must-have clothes.

However, it is worth experimenting and choosing more interesting options for this clothing. Black color may not look very interesting and straightforward. So feel free to choose your trend: red, raspberry, blue, green, white jackets. It all depends on your mood and the event that you are going to dress.

  • Models and Options

Almost always, a womens leather jacket was a short jacket, which is narrowed to the waist and has a diagonal zipper fastener. Often the jacket is made of dense genuine leather. However, for a fashionable outlet in a modern city, you can improve such an image and such texture. After all, some of the products are sewn from denim, tanned leather, husky leather, wool, leatherette, etc. Also on the market you can find models from knitwear with leather inserts. Most often, the jacket is well fitted in shape, and regardless of the female and male models.

However, in this jacket, many girls can feel the cold, because short products do not completely cover the hips and sides. And since most of the figured women have this part is sticky, it is necessary to correctly choose jackets. After all, there are many extended styles that are well suited for cool spring or late autumn. This thing can be supplemented with belts and rivets, designers today are generous with regard to decorative ornaments. The most fashionable women's jackets are with sleeves and flashlights with spikes. However, this option is more suitable for young girls.

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