Just Another One of Them Days.... :)

My days consist of getting up(.....eh.....5 more minutes) and cleaning loose threads and the remains of whatever I designed yesterday(yikes!). Drag myself to the kitchen to grab a cup of hot cocoa(mmm....) and wake up for the day. I bring the Cocoa into the room, and look around at my studio, brightly lit from the sun. The headless but well dressed (If I might say so myself, he he) mannequin sits in the corner, beckoning me to outdo what she has worn before. I look at the clothing rack full of clothes shining and sparkling. My sewing machine in the other corner, and I look at my bed. A soft blue velvet  blanket hides the squishy foam mattress and a Monkey(so soft) Pillow Pet is waiting for my return to dream la-la land.  My entire bedroom is also my at home sewing studio( a twofer ;). There is a lot of determination that is required when you work from home,(hello, tv) you have to be diligent and keep at it,(goodbye, sleep)  you also have to have a lunch break, where you do the dishes. I welcome the challenge. Another day of blood(finger pricks from needles), sweat(hey, I work hard!.... besides my sweat.. smells.. like roses! Roses! You hear? lmao), and tears(there's something in my eye....). All in the pursuit of my dream. To be a fashion designer and create beautiful clothes. It's just another one of them days :)

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