Top fashion bloggers are always seeking hot new brands to show off to their followers; and brands often rely on influencers to spark genuine conversations with their target audiences. 

Making the connection is now much easier with Shopping Links (, the online marketplace that connects brands and top bloggers. This online digital platform is now opening its doors to companies looking to build relationships with the platform’s extensive network of over 7,500 beauty, lifestyle, and fashion bloggers.

Until now, brands have had to rely on solely on the number of social media followers and third-party stats to gauge a blogger’s influence. Shopping Links eliminates the guesswork with a platform built on transparency, encouraging bloggers to share their Google Analytics while actively vetting bloggers based on their performance.


Brands and their PR agencies can post collaboration opportunities for a flat fee of $79 USD per collaboration, giving companies of all sizes a cost-effective and flexible way to connect with top influencers. Shopping Links is not an agency and therefore does not charge a commission fee. The platform allows users to access multiple accounts and run several campaigns at once, making the tool particularly attractive for marketing and PR agencies that manage lifestyle brands. 

“Utilizing Shopping Links for your influencer marketing is so cost effective that you can afford to give it a try,” explained founder Kim Westwood. “Whether your business is large or small, you can learn, break new ground and ultimately reach new customers with very little investment.”  

The company has spent the past twelve months building up its roster of top fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers and is excited to share its resources with brands in those verticals looking for a way to expand their content marketing strategy.

8843510694?profile=original“The breakthrough marketing channel of this generation is the influencer marketing channel,” said Kim. “It is now well known that consumers are more likely to buy from someone they have been following – someone they know and trust - more than any other medium, and influence via social media is having a real impact on buying habits. It’s where your customers are. It’s where you need to be.”

While most companies know by now that social media and bloggers are great to collaborate with on getting the word out about their products, both of those methods take time and effort that each may not have. Shopping Links shortcuts the process by letting brands post “collaborations” that specify exactly what they’re looking for, allowing influencers to apply for the opportunities that best fit their interests and followings.

Once Shopping Links makes the connection between a brand and blogger, the two parties are able to take the relationship from there, allowing for more genuine collaborations and impactful campaigns. The platform works in tandem with affiliate networks like rewardStyle, and allows for commission-based collaborations that are also completely transparent via Rakuten, Affiliate Window, Zanox and Commission Factory. Payment for collaborations, whether direct or via product, is agreed between each blogger and brand directly.

About Shopping Links:

Shopping Links ( is a cost-effective Influencer Marketing platform that connects bloggers with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands for collaborations and targeted campaigns. Taking the guesswork out of blogger outreach, Shopping Links connects bloggers with brands based on specific requirements and campaign needs. A real-time, automatically updated, digital media kit for bloggers means that brands are able to make more informed choices about the bloggers they wish to work with. Likewise, bloggers (or their agents) are no longer required to manually update data as it changes. Shopping Links also makes it easier for brands to identify and connect with talent as soon as it emerges. With access to more than 7,500 fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers worldwide, Shopping Links is the leading resource for bloggers and brands alike to think beyond traditional ‘commission’ campaigns and create impactful campaigns through genuine relationships. 


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