In hot summer, many girls will tie their hair, but basically they will be used to tie it with rubber bands. In fact, a very popular way to tie hair now is to use silk scarves to tie hair, which can not only serve as an ornament, but also improve your fashion sense and look full of feminine taste.

Now a lot of tide and the actress will use silk scarves to hair ornament, just random hair up, will make you look the temperament of the whole person, woman flavour, full saw Cecilia liu of the firm hair you know, she was originally belongs to the temperament type of beauty, hair, incisively and vividly exposed her temperament, become good gentle elegant, beautiful greasy!

In fact, if you want to make your own style beautiful, you need to know the knowledge of scarves and hair, it is much easier than to learn how to wear, so the following tips for hair, you should take it down!

Silk scarf hair needs to pay attention to the knowledge points

1, preferred simple scarves with hair

When wearing low ponytail, the style always feels too monotonous, looks no characteristics, let people remember, at this time, you can use the silk scarf to improve the fashion sense of the shape, this simple long silk scarf, it is very good to improve your fashion sense, it looks very beautiful!

2, low ponytail with bow scarf shape more attractive

Weather is too hot, a lot of time can be tied up at will low ponytail, it is the most simple and fashionable feeling dye-in-dye-in-hair way, how to promote its fashionable sense? The silk scarf that uses bowknot actually serves as an ornament, achieve very the effect that raises an eye at a draught.

Modeling demonstration of silk scarf tied hair

One, [gradual color scarf + low ponytail hair]

The gradual change silk scarf that has design feeling very much, always can give a person a kind of very fashionable feeling, with respect to collocation at will above low ponytail, it is so fashionable to bring a person the feeling of a kind of grace again, this summer does not tie a hair always to use rubber band, learn to use silk scarf to be met more beautiful!

Two, [Burgundy silk scarf + ponytail]

Many people's hair style is relatively ordinary and monotonous, but after the use of accessories ornament, will improve the styling fashion sense, just look at the recent popular scarf hair style, you know, no matter from the front, or the back of the past is so greasy with beauty, full of feminine taste!

Three, [striped silk scarf + low ponytail]

It doesn't matter how you tie your hair, even a simple ponytail, as long as you choose the right scarf style, your look can become elegant and beautiful, so this summer girls want to wear hair, can choose this classic and stylish striped scarf!

Four, [silk scarf + braid]

A lot of girls like to put the hair up, especially braid the most popular, it is so beautiful and show temperament, use the silk scarf to braid the hair of a braid, from the back to see the past is simply a small fairy, good tired of beauty!Read more at:formal dresses for women | long formal dresses

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