A mayor (the Democratic Party) wants to force the immigrants of color to wear a reflective vest when walking at night to become "visible."

"Immigrants cannot walk on foot through the streets of the town in the evening if you do not wear the reflective vest." No. This time Matte Salina not involved.

This ordinance at the bottom bears the signature of a mayor of the Democratic Party, such Angelo. That is justified by saying that his goal is simply to ensure the security of immigrants and night, being dark-skinned, risk being overwhelmed by cars.

As it happened, they explains the City Hall, a few weeks ago when a farmer of seventy Flummeries was knocked down and killed by a car. Yes, but what color was his skin? Not sufficiently "clear" to be noticed quickly from the vehicle that hit him?

The tragedy seems to have consumed close to a structure that hosts some refugees. The mayor made it clear: "We want to avoid unpleasant incidents or accidents. The majority of immigrants in fact, walk on foot in the non visibility and safety, especially at night. In many they cross the city roads in the dark without being recognizable to motorists. To avoid this problem we decided to issue the order. "

A doubt arises spontaneously because that obligation to immigrants? And then: who will pay the reflective jackets?

It is evident that the emergency refugees in Irvine are causing strong tensions: from weeks immigrants asking for more protections denouncing the inadequate conditions in which they find themselves.

Meanwhile, the CGIL protest: “It is a discriminatory act and folklore". The general secretary of the CGIL Avellino, Vicenza explained that the immigrants are no suitable clothing against the cold; they do not work, have no money and lack the sanitary-protective conditions. They can’t afford this money of safety vest. Vicenza attacks the town of Avellino and the prefecture, because “you cannot accept that they take charge of the immigrants and then you leave them to drift."

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