I will be having a PD Day this Friday which means..

The 3rd isn't possible to obtain 100 Magic, or even Ranged? Idk what you can do, but they all seem so limiting for me personally. Id prefer twenty str. 99 attacks but you cannot accomplish much with it apart from the possibility of using an rapier instead of OSRS GP a staff. Staffs aren't very effective. But , then again, neither is 20 strength , so it's a bit limiting.

Make use of the leaf blade sword as your primary weapon. If you're planning to become a member, at least get 99 Summoning. What I'm unable to comprehend is restricting yourself to 100 combat. If you're trying to make it something you can be proud of, aim for 111, or 121, or 131. So you'll attain good numbers.

I will be having a PD Day this Friday which means.. No School! I will be in RS for seven days this week! Dozen questions... Do you know how to help me understand all the classes... The Forzen number is like 1-10? Then what? How much xp am I able to am able to gain in just 7 hours? I go on my own dung. 12 dung so far. Tcmp and others told me to do C1 that gets me like 55xp/dung. Ansak suggested I try C6 which gave me about 700xp in both instances.

I'm aware of the majority: Agility- Do the Barbarian course until you reach level 52. Then go to the wilderness course. Food should be three agility level boosting pies with some tuna. Bring only a spotted or spottier cape. Another option is fishing for salmon, flying trout and sturgeon.

Thieving- I think that the Thieve's Guild is the best However, I don't have 70 thieving either, so I'm not sure. Slayer- Do Smoking Kills quest if you're not already. Use your most powerful or second most advanced slayer master you can, but always the best every five tasks for more points for slaying.

Farming- Do farming runs at least once every hour Try to fit at buy OSRS gold least one per each day, even though you only can get on for 15 minutes. Herbs can be good for money and others are used for exp and are not necessary if you are looking to save money.



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