How to wear safety features correctly

The reason for increased monitoring of these traffic attendants is primarily to check compliance with the pedestrian's obligation to wear reflective tapes if they move outside the village on the side or edge of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting. Checks come at a time when shorter days and vulnerable pedestrians who regularly use road traffic as a transport link are on the increase.


Unfortunately, there is still a lack of safe trail between neighboring villages and towns, which would allow a safe pedestrian migration of people to their homes. From the point of view of its own safety, however, it is, of course, good to use reflective materials wherever the driver is not able to safely recognize the pedestrian. These elements are also generally recommended to place schoolboys on briefcases or clothing. Look at the application as a walker for the driver at different distances from the car.


Traffic police and police officers and regional BESIP coordinators are actively involved in the traffic safety measures. The main purpose of the measure is to send pedestrians a clear signal that not respecting the obligation to wear a reflection element for reduced visibility on unlit roads compromises not only themselves but also other traffic participants and one of the objectives of the police officers involved in the campaign will spread awareness and broaden awareness of this statutory duty.


Act No. 361/2000 Coll. The Acton Road Traffic and Amendments to Some Laws (Road Traffic Act) speaks in Section 53, paragraph 9, as follows: If a pedestrian moves outside the village under reduced visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place not illuminated by public lighting, shall be obliged to wear retro-reflective vests positioned so as to be visible to other road users.

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