How to wear cool and convenient in summer

As the weather gets hotter every day, the hot summer season is on the way, but for women, the time to themselves doesn't seem to grow as the summer days lengthen. Every day in the "beautiful out of the door" and commuting home all over the "sweating" repeatedly jump, feel the wardrobe is always missing a refreshing and cool clothes.

Sometimes, there is not even time to have dinner with a few friends, or visit family and friends, let alone change into cool summer clothes for the season.

That to want refreshing and cool to want to save time for the female, how to wear to be able to both quickly cool and cool and do not lose aesthetic feeling? What kind of clothing can meet these needs?

This does not, "air pants" appeared in the call of tens of millions of women, and faintly became a popular trend, sweeping across all ages of women's heart. Today, we will talk about the female in the summer "air pants" wear take train of thought.

What are air pants

1. Fabric material

There are many materials in the fabric of air pants. Summer clothes, mainly chiffon, silk, air permeability is good but also cool and smooth, and most categories have a certain sense of hanging. Among them silk is more smooth, but the elasticity is smaller and the version finallizes the design more difficult, more suitable for leisure home to wear, and chiffon fabric is generally more elegant lightsome, soft feel is full of flexibility, and finallizes the design for a long time is not easy to deform, more suitable for women to commute to wear.

2. The design

Air pants for commuting. They come in two styles: tight legs and wide legs. Bound feet of the air pants, more inclined to sports wind, will highlight the curve of the hip and leg, suitable for hip more straight, thin thighs of young women; And the wide leg air pants are basically straight tube, the hip leg requirements are not so high, and can block the excess meat under the natural draped feeling of the cloth, which is more easy to grow flesh for women, especially suitable for.

3. The color

Air wide leg pants color is more, there are 6, 7 kinds of common. White and black are good for all skin tones and ages, but can get monotonous in the summer. So you can consider light coffee color, aqua and so on, these colors can not only help brighten the skin color, but also more suitable for dark skin color of women, vivid and do not lose the atmosphere. It should be noted that this is the color of the pants. The color near the face should be seen separately and should not be confused.

Second, the collocation

Apart from their lightness and breathability, air pants are also popular because they are versatile and versatile. Collocation of different tops, will produce different effects and dress style.

1. Shirt + air pants

The combination of the shirt and the air pants is perfect. Shirt unlocks two buttons to match to go up air pants, increased recreational feeling already, also can decorate the line of neck, the style that lets whole appears duty field and not inflexible, show the intellectual elegance that gives a female.

Then you can tie the shirt into the pants to improve the waist line and visually raise the person longitudinally. This is more suitable for people with flat lower abdomen and no proud flesh. If the lower belly meat is more, there is a small belly, you can only tie half, leave half outside, cover the lower belly at the same time can also play a role in improving the waist line.

T-Shirt + Air Pants

In addition to being able to shine in the workplace, air pants are also a good helper in daily life. As a versatile cutie, how can you not combine with a T-shirt? If you want to be formal and mature, you can put cotton T into the waist to improve the waist line and stretch the leg long at the same time, it looks clean and neat; If you want to be free and casual, you can let it spread outside, but pay attention to the T-shirt can not be too long, the best above the hips, otherwise the whole person will appear relatively short.

3. Other + air pants

Of course, there are plenty of other tops, such as shoulder tops and pullovers, that can be worn with air pants. The most convenient method of collocation jacket is the same color department collocation, convenient and quick, can obviously elongate the height of the person. The same color colplace should pay attention to the too monotonous colplace, can use bracelet, glasses and other accessories to do brightening, or choose a more complex style of jacket, increase the overall sense of hierarchy and design.

In addition, if the color is pink, green and so on, we should pay attention to the white space in the face to the neck area, beware of too light color to cause the face to appear black, recommend sling, shoulder and other large naked skin style. In the meantime, of waist line outstanding also is cannot ignore, can wait for buckle with belt, waist to act the role of, outstanding waist line, increase leg long scale, spin-out body form.

Three, collocation tips

When matching air pants, some small details should be paid attention to.

1. Don't tread on a minefield

Medium length air pants will be better match some, too long will show legs short and inconvenient to walk. Therefore, the choice of trouser length is to focus on the point. If the ankle is thin, it is recommended to show the ankle; If the ankles are fleshy, you can choose a length that covers the ankles but not too long (to the instep), which is better.

2. The shoes

For shoes, wear plain high heels, sandals and even slippers. If you want to look powerful, opt for high heels or pointy flats. If you consider comfort and for momentum requirements are not strong, you can choose flat head slippers, sports shoes, etc.

In addition, in terms of color, shoes with the same color as the pants are also a great choice, which can significantly increase the length of the legs, making the lower body elongated as a whole, making people look tall and thin.

3. The bag

On the collocation of the bag, the style of all kinds of bags will be easier to match, so the range of bags to choose is relatively large.

Is it OK to carry any bag? Also not, because of air pants hang down feeling and recreational feeling stronger, so handbag will suit more than knapsack, a few smaller satchel bag suits more than big satchel bag.

Also cannot be too miscellaneous on color next, otherwise can appear to have no key, and destroy integral aesthetic feeling. Use the "three-color method" to choose a bag, which means no more than three colors of the whole body, preferably the same color as your clothes or pants, and then choose a style that you like.

Write in the end: the demand for women in the current society is getting higher and higher, simple has become the pursuit of most people, but simple does not mean simple, as long as the choice of a suitable single product coupled with simple collocation, then simple dress can also show the different beauty of women.Read more at:formal dress shops brisbane | cheap formal dresses melbourne

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