These days, clothing and accessories do much more than simply serve a practical function. They also help show the world what type of person you are, giving a reliable presentation of your interests, hobbies, and personality. If you really want to give people a comprehensive look at your persona, you need to consciously adopt a style that corresponds to your unique personality traits. Here’s how you can make your outfit advertise who you are.

Go Vintage

Sometimes the best way to build a style for your future is by looking back to styles of the past. Between baggy jeans, gold chains, and bell bottoms, there are so many formerly-hip styles to choose from. When you wear these retro accessories, you’re showing people that you’re intent on making something new out of our society’s past. This rising from the ashes of our past is, in fact, what culture and style has always been about.

Rock Body Piercings

If you’re hoping to show people that you’re outside the mainstream and proud of it, then you couldn't go wrong by getting some body piercings. If you think about it, there’s no reason why only ears should be appropriate for piercing. By getting piercings in other parts of your body, you’ll demonstrate your refusal to adhere to silly, outdated norms. Once you’ve got your piercings in place, you’ll have a wonderful time picking out studs and other accessories from body piercing jewellery suppliers in your area.

Try Unconventional Headgear

The head is a great part of the body for trying out all sorts of cool accessories. Just within the realm of hats, there are countless options both vintage and new age. There are also other bold headgear options, from bandanas to durags. What’s great about these accessories is that they can completely change your look with a single easy step.

Go Bold With Bright Colors

To really make your outfit pop, opt for bright colors that will stand out against the crowd. Whenever you wear bright red, hot pink, or neon green, you're demanding the attention you think you deserve. If you’re an extrovert by nature, then this is probably the right wardrobe move for you.

No matter how strong of a personality you have, you won’t have a chance to meet every person you encounter. That’s why nonverbal cues like those mentioned above are so important. Use these outfit tricks to tell people who you are.

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